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  1. Hello, I'm having this consistently happen on all of my prints about the same height. http://imgur.com/B9DmNXl I've used the magnalube on the z axis, but I'm not certain what else I can do. Thanks! Jordan
  2. Hello, My Ultimaker 2, which I've had for a few years has always ran like a champ, with only the oil maintenance. Recently, it has been vibrating/buzzing a little and shaking the filament spool in the back whenever it has a longer pass moving back, towards the logo/back of print bed. Any ideas or thoughts on how to fix and/or prevent this? Thanks! Jordan
  3. Hello again! Thanks for your feedback everyone. It turns out I confused the firmware and a simple default firmware installation has corrected the issue. I'm printing the calibration piece and it's about halfway done and doing well. Yay!!
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks so much for the feedback. Last night I releveled the bed and then thought my nozzle was clogged because filament wasn't coming out. Afterwards I realized that there was a chunk ground out of the PLA, so put it away for the night. This morning I trimmed the PLA and it's extruding again, but this happens... http://imgur.com/Yrg89Of,x1zuvCJ#1 It's extruding an inch or so above the build platform and just sitting there, telling me it has 6 hours to go. On the default robot on the sd card. Should I be using Cura and tweaking settings or does the robot gcode on the card have everything set where it should just print fine?
  5. Hello, I've gone through the bed leveling process twice on my brand new Ultimaker 2 and I'm not getting anywhere. My filament which is blue PLA directly from Ultimaker and it simply just wads up and doesn't stick to the build plate. And now my nozzle is caked with blue pla. http://imgur.com/sWWUSg4 Any help? I'm feeling really defeated. Thanks, Jordan
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