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  1. There is a Ultimaker contest going on now, I think if u tagg the corerct ppl u can win a UM 2...u can try
  2. Try to heat up the nozzle so evey filament in the machine get melted, then remove nozzle clean eat, look if there is any parts that needs to be cleaned or may be a object that jam your material, if so adjust it correctly.
  3. Kind sounds like the nozzle has something stop in it making the machine stop accepting filaments
  4. For small prints lower the speed, and add upp some cooling or deformation may arise.
  5. It kind of depends, if you really wants sales, I think you should put your design on both sites: That said, Thingiverse and youmagine. But you can always set a cheaper price for youmagine if you wanna support Ultimaker. Smart plan huh?
  6. Nice comparison, you should also input how many degree each can flex so we can see the main flex difference.
  7. Cool, however some model we can not print using normal home 3d printer. Just look at the small parts in the objects. No can do with todays home printers !
  8. this fuse invented by pedro have been funded. Let us see how this works out and when the launch is
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