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  1. Sorry, I've just discovered the problem, the Ultimaker Original power supply was faulty, I tried another one and it seems to be worked. Thanks, James
  2. Hi, I've installed the heated bed upgrade kit and the dual extruder to an Ultimaker Original and had the same problem mentioned above where the printer powers off mid print when using the dual extruder and heated bed. I've tried using the Ultimaker Originals power supply as well as the one from the heated bed kit but then the fan by the circuit board switches off, the printer doesn't work and the controller screen goes off completely when the usb cable is not connected. Is there something I need to change when using both power supplies. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks, James
  3. Hi, I'm trying to print a very small figure, I'm not sure whether it is printable on the U2 but thought I'd give it a go. However, when I selected support structure within Cura it only prints the supports on one side. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Heres a screenshot link: http://www.dream3d.co.uk/uploads/support-structure-cura-error.png Thanks, James
  4. Hi, I've just updated the firmware on the Ultimaker Original to 14.07 and every print seems to be pausing after the first layer, then I have click select from the controller to resume the print. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks, James
  5. Hi, When I import an stl file into Cura, the image appears fine in the normal view but when I switch to the layers view it does not show the entire object (and when printing it doesn't print the entire object). Any idea of how to solve this problem? Thanks, James
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