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  1. I am very thankful for the "Select Extruder" plugin for single-nozzle prints from Dim3nsioneer. It'd be even better if I could right click on an object in the platform and select which nozzle I'd like to print from there. I know that I can click 2 objects that are intended to be overlaid on each other and merge them to print on a 2-nozzle setup, but for 3+ nozzles, there's no easy way to pick the nozzle that I want for each item. Is this possible? If I understood the code better, I'd offer to write it myself, but...
  2. I still have this problem with 15.02.1. No estimate is rendered. I am using Cura with a 3rd party RepRap style printer (5-nozzle RoVa3D). I recently upgraded from 14.0x. I added an Ultimaker Original, selected it, restarted, loaded a model and I do get the estimate shown. If I then select my printer, the text stays and no re-estimate is calculated. If I then quit and restart and load a model with my printer, no estimate is displayed. I only see an estimate with the Ultimaker Original profile. Creating a new profile for my printer also displays an estimate. Is there a problem with using printer definitions created in Cura 14.0x? EDIT: Update, I found that when I set my printer back to 4 nozzles instead of 5, the estimate displays. Only when my printer is set with (the correct number of) 5 nozzles does the estimate text break.
  3. Hello Daid, First off I want to thank you for your hard work on Cura. I am stunned at both the ease of use and the speed/quality of the output as compared with my former combo (Slic3r + Pronterface). I am still occasionally exporting G-Code and printing with Pronterface to have more manual control during the print, but this is starting to go away. One small feature request: the RoVa3D (aka ORD MH3000) on which I am printing has 5 print heads. Would it be possible to increase the max # of extruders you support to 5? Another request would be to support more per-extruder parameters, e.g. setting different retract parameters, flow%, and nominating specific nozzles for support material selection. That said, I'm still not yet printing regularly with more than 4, so I am probably going to use Cura for a while to come. Thank you again for all your hard work! -Joan
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