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  1. This is really the first forum I have used as most other forums I have been on People complained to much and were to impatient, so I didn't bother continuing. Although some things are currently lacking on this new forum. I don't find it that bad. I think there are some improvements over the old forum and it there has been some improvements so far to fix minor things. But I will be nice to see a visual change to help reduce the white space. But as sander said, Its being worked on.
  2. Version 1.0


    My first little project for my new UM2go, an Ultimaker robot with movable arms and legs All printed in 1 piece
  3. Version 1.0


    Lampshade made by extruding laywoo - D3 over a balloon using 0.8mm Nozzle
  4. I actually had this happen to me heaps on the old forum to a point where I had to copy my text before posting them. I had it happen to me once on this new forum in the early days where it logged me out, but hitting the back button I was able to copy my text, login then paste it before hitting the post button.
  5. To login from mobile, Press menu icon on the ultimaker website. then on the top left of the menu there is a round icon with what is meant to be a persons head. press that to login.
  6. you can defiantly notice the difference on between .06 and .02 when you are doing small objects on low angles and some curves. but its so hard to get everything set just right and the increased time makes it not worth the hassle most of the time. things like overhangs are useless and that's where higher layer heights give better quality.
  7. This is the notification issue I have been getting. Got a new notification, when to check it and I have already looked at it and you can see from the time that its old and I'm on the last page. I just tried to load the image above but half the Icons for the text box were missing. i had to hover over where i thought they were with the mouse to read the little pop up note to find it.
  8. I selected 2 pictures to be added but it looks like only 1 was added. here is the other
  9. The login for my mobile devices seems to work now ( android ) I just created a new Album, when I selected photos the spinny wheel just sat there for ages. I got sick of waiting so I just clicked save and it showed the photos had been loaded. It's nice to be able to load pictures from mobile now. Here is where the points don't seem to add up. Total points doesn't equal points gained. [/media]
  10. I have had log in issues this morning on my phone. When I would click log in, I would just get a blank blue screen. I couldn't zoom out or move it around. Ended up forcing desktop mode to be able to zoom out and find the text box. Also I keep getting new notifications for things I have already looked at. My points don't add up either. I haven't fully checked everything out yet but I like some features. Its mainly the filters I miss like others have mentioned. Some of which I think can be set in profile. Like having spoken languages.
  11. Version 1.0


    Normal sized Ultibot holding Bronzefill hammer with Woodfill handle and mini Ultibot.
  12. Im glad to see you are getting the head to be more central. the more like the original you can get it the bigger the build volume will be. Would be nice if the park positions could recesses into the front frame a bit. but I guess there are limitations due to cables and bowden. Good work.
  13. Topic for fan Shroud is here. http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/10554-um2-fan-shroud-replacement/?p=102188 There are a couple of people testing it for me, but will be on youmagine shortly.
  14. 0.25mm on the Olsson Block from 3d solex
  15. I finally decided to try out the Tree Frog that I have seen heaps of other people print and see how well my new fan shroud that I designed works. Not bad for a first attempt.
  16. Thanks Its everywhere now. I cant believe how fast stuff travels like this. Some twisted facts added by some though. I made sure UM got their name in and 3ders.com has added how the community (you guys) have played a part. Because really if I didn't have the guidance from people here then I (and a lot of others) wouldn't be able to make things as good as we can now.
  17. Yes Its fun to play around with the array of nozzle sizes. The problem is you will then have heaps more settings to check and go through. but changing just takes a few seconds and you can print detailed or fast
  18. Here Is a key holder I designed and printed in bronzefill for a friend who Is into gardening.
  19. I did a search and found one that was the second worlds smallest , as mine looks even smaller. :grin: but who knows. I'm sure its the smallest 3D printed one so that's all I'm claiming. I actually found a smaller battery and I'm sure i can find a smaller button. the problem is, it took me 3 hours to solder it as the wires kept breaking off and was hard to hold all the little bits.
  20. For all those unbelievers out there
  21. my Mini Drill next to a full sized drill
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