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  1. I did a search and found one that was the second worlds smallest , as mine looks even smaller. :grin: but who knows. I'm sure its the smallest 3D printed one so that's all I'm claiming. I actually found a smaller battery and I'm sure i can find a smaller button. the problem is, it took me 3 hours to solder it as the wires kept breaking off and was hard to hold all the little bits.
  2. For all those unbelievers out there
  3. my Mini Drill next to a full sized drill
  4. THE WORLDS SMALLEST 3D PRINTED CORDLESS DRILL Well I'm sure if its the smallest but its still tiny and it actually works Anyone Got a blocked nozzle :-P All it cost me to make is a tiny bit of filament and a hearing aid battery
  5. Mini Ultibot scaled down 0.625 Printed with 0.25mm Nozzle and 0.04 Layers
  6. Good Idea. It can be designed so it doesn't take up much additional space quite easily. Cant say how in words though. I may just have to print one 2 :cool:
  7. There maybe something causing your flow problem. I have emptied a roll of bronzefill with no issues. printing at 100% flow and a lot of prints at 30mm/s and 190deg. or were you wanting to print slower than that?
  8. Yeah the OWl is impressive. but fricken ugly. and not something I can look forward to buying in the near future. I do like the Voxel8 and found it very interesting. but i mean the whole show hasn't come out with anything overly exciting enough to make your balls tingle.
  9. Is it just me or does CES seem rather boring this year? Only exciting news came from Ultimaker.
  10. Ill just tell them its the go fast button or eco mode :-P
  11. yeah it says don't let the picture fool you. so i guessed it wasn't. but would be cool if it was.
  12. If it is Gold then I'll print myself a mini safe and have mini gold bars.
  13. I had this massive ugly remote to control my garage door opener. it had to find somewhere to keep this big ugly thing in my car and it would rattle around the dash pocket. It ran on a 9V battery so I got a 12v to 9v dc converter and mounted the remote inside the dash of the car out of sight. Then I desoldered the micro switch and led then printed a new button to fit into one of the blanks in the cars dash. here is the Button in place.
  14. Yes and I used 100% fan at 1mm. Also zip hop 0.08 to help reduce vibrations. Retraction at max speed and acceleration is 1500.
  15. No, I checked the colorfabb website and there was no mention of increasing the flow so I just left it on 100%.
  16. Layer Height: 0.1 Shell Thickness: 1.6 Speed: 30mm/s Temp: 190 Bed: 50
  17. No just one, I didn't want to waste the filament :wink: I use Venkel's fan mount https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ultimaker-2-fan-mount-dual--2 it actually printed out some of the areas of the robot better than PLA.
  18. Well I finally decided to grab some bronzefill and give it a go. My normal thing is to print the ultimaker robot with the new material till I find out what settings and how well it prints. Well first go and it turned out pretty good. Now I just need to polish it up and see how he shines.
  19. There is a similar one on thingiverse but had incorrect hole size for sparrows and to many other issues so i designed my own.
  20. I saw some sparrows in my back yard collecting some stuff for there nests the other day, So I decided to print them a wooden bird house.
  21. I had the S2 and passed on the S3. By the time I wanted a new phone they were massive, so I got the S4mini which is the same size as my old S2
  22. What time (& timezone) will the announcements take place? Hopefully I don't have to set my alarm for the middle of the night to find out the news.
  23. My raspberry pi arrived today. I was looking for a case also. Cool to know there are mounting holes. There are also extension cables here http://www.bitwizard.nl/shop/rpi-camera-extension apparently they tested them successfully up to 4m/13 ft. I researched this before I order my pi. I was going to mount the camera at the rear by the stepper motors looking forward and run the cable in behind the covers. But seeing you can get really long ribbon cables it could run along with the led cables and up the front looking back.
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