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  1. It's not available yet but will be added in a future firmware release.
  2. I'm not surprised Zortrax discount their printers as they are not worth buying in the first place.
  3. It would be so easy for UM to sell and upgrade kit to do just that. Seeing they already have the gear, it's just a matter of having a enclosure that screws into the raspberry pi screw holes in the base on the UM2's and new firmware etc.
  4. That's cool. I have an old UM2 upgraded to a plus so I have the feeder holes. So a mirrored feeder would be perfect.
  5. I would also just want a kit to plug in and go. It would be good if it would power off the main board as I don't want to have to plug more stuff in the wall. Has to have camera. Send file from Cura and print just like um3 does and be able to turn computer off. App for mobile for remote viewing. I want to be able to view it from outside my home network and pause of cancel if something goes wrong. Message phone when print is done.
  6. Just so you know. 3D solex has been selling 0.15 and 0.1mm nozzles for quite some time
  7. Use spiralize outer contour. This will make it so there are no travel moves and it will just go around the outer edge. You have really bad stringing from travel moves that either are not retracting, travel speed to slow, or you are printing really hot.
  8. I am using abs support with abs print. Not interested in buying hips.
  9. I am quite new to printing with abs and I'm trying to print my first model that requires support. Using the default Cura abs profile which prints at 0.1 layer height with a million different speeds settings at 230degees. Printing with UM3 and new white and that has the RFID tag thingy. I covered the front of the printer and put a box over the top to keep it nice and toasty. Grid support turned on. So the problem is one area of the part should be printed onto the support but it's not sticking at all to it at all and is just curling up. Any tips on getting this to work.
  10. I would just try drawing on filament first and printing with it. I think makers tend to change colour when heated. This may depend on type. Also you will find that if one ink drys on the Filament then another is applied, the solvent in the second colour may wipe off the previous colour onto the tip of the second pen. If that makes sense?? As the case when you accidentally write on a white board with a maker pen you can remove it with writing over it with the same maker pen. But this may not be the case if the filament can absorb the ink.
  11. Loosening the pulley should make the teeth the same if one side is loose and the other tight as when it rotates it creates more teeth on one side and reduces them on the other. It would be wise to check the axis are square after this so you don't get parallelograms
  12. In the white block the attached the shaft to the belt, there is a spring tensioner. If you loosen one of the pulleys it should allow it to pull the belt tight again. Then retighten the pulley.
  13. Those only help if it's doing travel moves without actually retracting.
  14. I haven't really had this issue. Maybe you could increase travel speed.
  15. So it's not that then. Was your nozzle clean before you started the print?
  16. I wrote the spec for what data is stored inside the core EEPROM. It can save material consumed & time heated (Time spent above (60? Not sure what number we ended up using). The data I got was that a printcore should survive 6 hours of printing a day for 2 years. It could be that this number changed, as that is rather old info (year old or so?) 6 hours every day for 2 whole years? That's 4380 hours of printing! Impressive! And 2 years later there will probably already be an Ultimaker 5+ or something, so a lot of people would've already moved on by then...... History would tell a
  17. What size nozzle are you using. I found they normally happen when printing too cold or with a large nozzle
  18. Nope. Not yet. It's explained a bit more in this UM3 thread https://ultimaker.com/en/community/23401-inside-the-ultimaker-3-day-4-electronics
  19. If you are wanting a high quality (high poly count) model then just select Fine. This is what I always use.
  20. The power supplies are the same, just in case you do need to try out another one.
  21. Which Cura version are you using? In 2.3 advanced settings you can enable more infill controls. You can then select outer walls before infill. This will solve this issue. There are also other infill pattens that may help.
  22. Too many things to read, not enough time
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