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  1. Yeah, but I would like to keep those values locked in place so you can make temporary changes that when you are asked to keep or discard changes, Ones that are locked will always be kept but unlocked ones can be discarded and set back to default. I have some settings that I never change and would like to be set a certain way whether it's a custom profile or default. So having it locked would be nice. but then sometimes I might make a few small changes depending on the model that can be discarded once that print is done.
  2. Nylon Actually prints very well on the S5 and a lot better than ABS. Are you saying that when it's doing the bed probing it going through the adhesion sheets and making a hole?
  3. I would be nice to have a setting lock in cura. Where in custom settings if you change a value a small padlock comes up next to that block in which you could lock that setting. This will remain there regardless of core, printer or material change etc. A small popup could come up saying that you have locked settings as a warning when you do change printers or cores but you can ignore it if you wish. This could allow some people to keep a setting which they prefer to be altered at all times to remain in place regardless if its a default profile or custom one. A simple click of that padlock would
  4. You might want to have a look at THIS thread and THIS one. @gr5 has done a lot of work testing different materials and has built a machine for testing them. But you may gain some ideas on how to do your tests. Keep in mind that changing print temps and layer heights can affect your results. This is a bit off topic but You might also want to look at other aspects of the prints other than just strength. Most of the time these reinforced materials are used for there mechanical properties. This normally means some sort of tolerance is also involved. So measuring see the d
  5. Wow that's different. good to see another use for 3D printing. I do professional fireworks displays and I was approached by a company once who wanted to put peoples ashes into fireworks so they could go out with a bang so to speak.
  6. Hey Welcome. Nice, I like the big hammer. Its always good to have a feel for how strong your prints really are.
  7. DId the nylon print come unstuck from the bed or did the part just have bad layer adhesion and break apart? Ultimaker Nylon normally has a really strong layer adhesion on default profiles without any temp changes or enclosing the printer. I do use the front door though just to keep drafts out. The only time I have had bad layer adhesion is when the nylon has absorbed too much moisture and requires drying. You can hear small crackles and pops when it's printing and the print is very milky (if natural Nylon). You need to be very careful with the heat gun as some heat guns can heat up too ho
  8. You can just use a 0.4 BB core or 0.8 BB core along with the 0.6 CC Red core without any issues.
  9. You can change the support Z distance. Increasing this will make the gap bigger between the support and the ABS. You can also reduce the interface density so not as much breakaway is in contact with the ABS. Just note that changing these too much will reduce the appearance of your bottom surface. I use some small electronics cutters to lift the thin strands off the prints. Are the support areas your trying to remove flat areas or quite complex shapes?
  10. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/gopro-spear-mount
  11. Hmm that's strange. I can see the files when I log in. Can someone else try and see if they have issues?
  12. I'm not able to select materials for some reason. It's not the first CURA version to have this issue though. It seems to be an issue with the expandable setting menu but I am able to activate the materials via the materials manager menu. using Windows 10
  13. Your post seems to be about a CURA issue rather then what you want in a UM4
  14. @kmanstudios was your last post supposed to be here?
  15. Its pretty expensive filament but you are getting some very nice results. Cant believe how nice it prints. Defiantly something I would like to work towards printing some day. How strong is the layer adhesion?
  16. I think they would only go to 1.75 filament if they start using direct extruders rather then bowden. If that can be done with a nice light weight system then yes. that would be a nice upgrade.
  17. yes I would expect the UM3+ to come before the UM4 but i don't think the changes would be huge. Maybe just address the bulk of the common issues same as the UM2+ upgrade along with some small improvements. So its a bit more fun to speculate what the UM4 could be like.
  18. NinjaTek Cheetah prints very well on UM2. I just used their recommended settings and it worked great. NinjaTek actually used UM printers to test the material.
  19. Depending on the type of fit you want. Designing something the exact same size shaft and hole will always be a transition fit which would require some heating, cooling or tooling to make them fit together. So it is normal to add some clearance to your designs but you will need to increase the amount of clearance to suit 3D printing. As suggested make a profile that you use for all prints that require a certain fit. the print some samples and measure them.
  20. Check your travel settings. you may have "avoid printed parts while traveling" turned on. Its set to a quite large distance by default and can increase travel distances dramatically causing a lot more oozing. Turning this off may help. Also turning off z hop. and reducing the temp like others said by about 10deg. You may need to reduce the infill speed a lot if you reduce the temp as it will under-extrude like crazy. Was this a dual extrusion print that you are just printing with one extruder?
  21. No Harm in asking. If you cant find the solution after a bit of playing around I'm sure someone can help out.
  22. it was a AS5048B chip magnetic rotary encoder
  23. I am sure that the sensor that was going to be used was more like an encoder which is a bit more smart then a limit switch. Would measure filament length maybe and provide other useful information then just run out.
  24. Have a look HERE All 3D files are available and you can get the dimensions you require.
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