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  1. Good thing about anodized aluminum is that it's not electrically conductive so there is not much risk when attaching electronics to it. It's also a cheap process which you can sometimes get done for free if you ask youre local anodizer nicely.
  2. Unless it's Hard anodized aluminum which is very resistant to wear.
  3. It would be quite difficult to do that without effecting the solder joins next to it.
  4. Also doesn't work in safari, you also need a magnifying glass to read the text as the text in the text box is so tiny.
  5. The text box on my iPad with chrome doesn't have the tool bar for things like smileys and adding pictures or URL etc.
  6. That's cool. I have an old UM2 upgraded to a plus so I have the feeder holes. So a mirrored feeder would be perfect.
  7. Nope. Not yet. It's explained a bit more in this UM3 thread https://ultimaker.com/en/community/23401-inside-the-ultimaker-3-day-4-electronics
  8. The power supplies are the same, just in case you do need to try out another one.
  9. Version 1.0


    Ultibot head toilet roll holder
  10. Changing the color only works on UM3 as other UM's only have single color LEDs. .
  11. Yes I missed you @daid Thanks for posting this and can't wait for the next topic. +1 for manipulating Led colors
  12. You can easily convert the 3d model into a 2D format that you can import into inkscape
  13. You don't need to go into all that effort of having Python script. Just use inkscape with the laser plugin. It generates your gcode for you. With laser on/off etc.. extruder doesn't move and you tell it what command turns laser on/off. This depends on what you control it from, led or fan PWM. You cant power the laser off PWM. This just gives a signal to control the output power of the laser. The laser needs external power supply that has a relay switch it from the PWM signal and you read the PWM signal to adjust the laser current. I would suggest you buy the jtechphotonics board as it does a
  14. No I am not meaning on the top of every screen like the temp. Meaning more along side the print progress. But at the time I did not see you had this in the side menu, now I watched again I have seen it. I really love your firmware, it has a really great look and menu is really simple
  15. It would be good to add a few more useful items on the main screen like current Z height.
  16. It's the first time I have seen a video of the booth and I know all the faces. I like the all cardboard look.
  17. Weld-on acrylic glue is awesome. Melts the surface of pla and bonds within seconds so no prep work required. Helps if you rub the parts together while glue is still wet to help dissolve the layer a bit for stronger bond. I have used other acrylic glues and they work just as well.
  18. Is there still much development being done on the forum? implementing some of the ideas that were brought up quite early on? I'm not having a gripe, just a general question.
  19. I wasn't notified for the last reply in This thread
  20. Just check the filament to see if it has good indentations from the feeder (about 2 pyramid indent shapes made by side) Do an atomic pull and make sure the nozzle is clean. Next step would be to check the PTFE coupler. For the old UM2 this can sometimes only last 500 hours depending on the material you print with. There are guides how to check it and change it in the support section of the website. If it needs changing then then I would make sure you change it with a TFM coupler from a Ultimaker reseller or TFT coupler from 3dsolex as these can last 2000 hours.
  21. What speed is you outer and inner walls printed at. There are lots of different speeds that can be adjusted. Try to make the outer wall speed, inner wall speed , print speed and infill speed the same. Your PTFE maybe starting to get deformed but it your outer walls are printing fine then you should be able to get it to print well.
  22. I get the problem on Android chrome, windows 10 chrome. Only one tab open.
  23. I will try to point out an example when I see one. When I check the bell and click on a unread link, it takes me to the top of the page where the new post is and their is no blue line saying unread posts With the new posts underneath. So I have to note how many new replies when I look at the bell drop down menu to know how many new posts I need to look for at the bottom of the page.
  24. I'm still finding posts on topics that I'm following but not being notified.
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