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  1. Awesome. This is really nice, simple, easy to understand, just brilliant. Do a deal with Ultimaker because this UI should definitely be adapted by them.
  2. Thanks. Yes time does fly by and I had an amazing time. The first week was the best though
  3. Yes it's a very good result. It just sounds funny to be using a race nozzle at 30mm/s.
  4. I had a 16 hour print fail at 15 hours 40min.
  5. I don't. Just heaps of cooling and print slow and cold.
  6. I also visited the fablab in Delft the other day. It look like they have the same layer shifting issues in london.
  7. I took the very same picture the other day
  8. Could you also provide feedback on the kit once you get it sorted. It will be good to see how it goes. Quality of hardware and how well it prints.
  9. Good to know. I would love to try it some day.
  10. That's the extended not standard um2
  11. Sorry, I have never. I'll see if I know anyone who has. Sweet, thanks I understood the 'Tarzan corner' was a good place to stand as there is often a lot of action. Action being cars spinning out of control Sounds good. I'll book my ticket and aim for there then.
  12. I have both and I would get the extended. It does get a little bit of vibration lines on tall parts but small items that you would normally print on the UM2 are the same, for the flexibility it's worth it to have the extended. The UM2go has the best quality and is my most used printer.
  13. Have you tried printing on blue tape?
  14. Sorry, I have never. I'll see if I know anyone who has. Sweet, thanks
  15. If you enter M302 ( allow cold extrudes command ) into the start of your g code then it will allow you to print at temps lower then 170deg.
  16. Has anyone been to Zandvoort circuit park? I would like to attend the DTM racing and want to book a seat but its hard to know where to sit is good. quite a few areas are already taken also if anyone wants to join me let me know. i was just going to attend 1 day.
  17. You can convert them with Onshape which is free as I did this with my modified versions.
  18. I have not seen them also. But I would advise you to just build the extended as it won't cost much more to make. Most things are the same and you have the added benefit of having an extended.
  19. They delays in providing detailed information raise a few doubts in the kits abilities.
  20. It should come with at least one but this will be down to the 3D Solex resellers and what they will offer.
  21. There has been comparisons between the two blocks not long after the first releases. The OB had a bit more oozing but you can print at faster speeds. Also it can depend on what change out nozzles you are using as over time both E3d and 3d solex have changed the internal profiles. There will be a more advanced OB coming out and nozzles in the near future.
  22. You might want to start a new topic as there is quite a few reasons and the discussion could be lengthy. There is a lot of topic already on z banding so you might want to do a site search on Google.
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