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  1. Are you sure this is not just a plot to get you to buy more filament
  2. I use Onshape and Sprutcam. Fusion 360 has lots of great features and has its own CAM but coming from a solidworks background I find onshape more intuitive to use and I don't want to spend many hours learning yet another piece of software. Tormach have a profile for sprutcam with their machine models for simulation, lots of videos and 4th axis support (which i cant wait to try) so I thought it was the best bet for starters as I have never used CAM. Onshape has a free 3d cam which I'm yet to try. I found a lot of speeds and feeds calculators on the net but most only have imperial so I got th
  3. Sure is, and Here is my first part. 9 more to go. All other parts i required are all prepped and made.
  4. Yep. Well I hope to run a bit of a business in the end and I already have people lining up wanting bit made for them. But they will have to wait for me to learn how to use this thing properly. Its i bit more involved then 3D printing.
  5. So I was able to SQUEEZE my new Tormach CNC mill into my small garage. YAY Now time to make some printer parts
  6. Will you coat the printed parts with anything? I have found that the carbon fibers absorb water.
  7. Yes it's meant to be the same but the fibers completly change how well it prints. How's the spear gun coming along? I'm really interested in it and would like to print one myself one day.
  8. The how brittle the end result is can depend a lot on what temperature it is printed at. It's very hard to get good mechanical properties from it though due to being brittle when printed hot and layer adhesion issues when cold. One plus side is higher glass transition temp over Pla which means you can print things for in your car which wont deform, and no smell when printing unlike abs. But I personally would only use nGen as you get heaps better results.
  9. For XT I have sanded and then polished it by quickly rubbing it on a piece of carpet. Haven't tried XT-CF20 though.
  10. It was This one. I haven't had much time to spend on the forum lately so I don't know how many I'm missing. At the moment I'm just have quick looks and the community page but in this case I just happened to look and the new unread posts in the forum and saw it. I had other notifications around the same time that this post was entered.
  11. I am still missing some notifications of topics that I am following.
  12. Version 1.0


    This GoPro Speargun mount is designed to fit the gun without getting caught in any of the bungy's when the gun fires. Its also meant to be streamlined to help stop it getting caught in seaweed and allow it to flow better though the water for longer breath holds.
  13. Yes I haven't had a ghost notification I a while also.
  14. I have heard PVA doesn't wash off that easily as well. Have you experienced this? I guess you wouldn't want PVA to melt into the PLA as it could dis-color it?? if this is the case then the adhesion between the two would be a difficult balance to allow it to stick but not melt into it.
  15. I used coconut oil on mine and it gave great results
  16. It's smells nice when you print with it You can darken bits with a flame like my cannon and it's more soft then PLA is what I have found. It's a nice use of the filament @skinny-kid did you find corkfill easy to print with?
  17. I hated the UM ones in the beginning but now I dont mind them.
  18. Cool. Its a bit nerv racking on you first long print. Will it make the distance??? My longest is 24hours. Turned out ok but my settings could have been a little better.
  19. Yeah. It's the 32 rolls I won in the time lapse contest. Can't wait to try some of them out.
  20. This is the first I have seen of it but it says out of stock.
  21. Look at what I just found on my door step! Wohoo
  22. Slowing a thin model can give a step in the finished product as the filament runs hotter and it extrudes more then the previous layers. Dropping the temp to suit you can risk more banding and even under extrusion as the temp under shoots before it comes back up to temp.
  23. You can get ones simular to this that you can bend into the shape you want.
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