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  1. Was working on a few models this morning, work on one close down open cura again work on the other.  Left one open for 20mins and it had gone up to the below.

    Cura open, with part sliced and is in layer view model.  UM3 is on network but no files have been sent to the machine.

    Its happened a few times, where windows shuts down cura on its own as it said you have run out of memory.

    Even our CAD software with a large assembly open doesn't consume this type of memory and Simplify 3D is running simultaneously at only 4.1MB with the same part in layer view.


  2. Hi,

    Just wondering if there is a feature anywhere to change the layer height for support.

    I would like to print in 0.1mm layer height for the printed part, but the support i would like to up this to 0.2mm to speed up the print time. Is this possible i cant seem to find reference to this with all the customisation tabs open.

    Thanks for the help





    No its happening at random points in 3 different print parts


    That's one of the things that can happen if what @xeno proposes is the problem.

    Also what's the room temperature?


    Printer has an enclosed top and door, maintains around 30C inside the build volume.

  4. Hi Guys,

    At random our ultimaker 2+ has been failing prints. Could you please let me know if anyone has seen this before and what we can try to stop it.

    Material is HD Glass





    Just another failure we have also had was in the infill zone.

    Outer shell is perfect but infill / support is tragic.


    Close up of area.






  5. Design it so the end user can close it up, this should be a must, nearly all other high end 3D printers are closed systems from many other brands, there must be a way otherwise no other company could have a closed system other then the patent owner or licensed to other companies.

    UM3 should be a high end solution at an affordable price, this must be a door somewhere ;)

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  6. Bigger build volume is a must 400x400x400 easy to outgrow the UM. 300mm is not a big change.

    A complete revamp on support, biggest let down with the current UM2 is any overhanging surface turns ugly. Need a water soluble support so it can build a complete surface that can support the print. Not just lines or grids ( grid is near impossible to remove )

    Dont expect to have any kind of working surface from areas with overhang.

    Dual 3,4 or more extrusion points, largest print to date took 143hrs, way to long.

    LCD screen much bigger one then current. You should be able to see a rotating 3D model of the part, as when you have many parts on the SD card you cant remember them all by name. Current screen you cant even read all the wording of the part if long.

    Fully in closed climate controlled cabinet. Cant see any other way to ensure ABS can print without wanting to warp off the bed on big prints. The bed is warm but all the other material is cold and will pull the base material up.

    Dont feed the material from the outside and over the top, have the material inside the machine so it can be enclosed. A little bigger who cares, i want great prints. Think Fortus 3D printer packaging.

    UM2 is a great machine, but we can take it to the likes of Fortus with some more work and not blow the budget.

    Filament measurement, but not just a number on the screen. Auto stop of print to change wire. Email alert that wire is out.

    Live video feed to internet/phone app.

    Temperature Alerts via email or phone app for safety

    quick bed release, the metal tabs are not the best.

  7. Hi Guys,

    Im wondering if there is any way of getting a more uniformed lower layer like whats seen on the outside of the model, mine seems to have no overlap and im not sure why.

    I am also getting melted PLA on the fine detail areas at the point. I have tried increasing minimum layer time from 0 to 6 to 10s. With 10 you get stringer build up as the nozzle sits in one spot waiting on each layer. Is there anything i can change im my setting to make this work better. Please see photos below for bottom layer and setting




    20140717 175506

    20140717 163158

    20140717 150851


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