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  1. OK, I stand corrected, I hadn't noticed the lone G92s. It seems it's being done every 10000 mm. Maybe a bit more often? The post you gave mentions u=1.19e-07 as the relative error, this is good as a guideline, but the numbers I gave are accurate for conversions in numbers in the specific ranges. I.e. values in range 8192.0 <= x < 16384 have a precision of 1/1024. values in range 16384.0 <= x < 32768 have a precision of 1/512. values in range 32768.0 <= x < 65536 have a precision of 1/256. etc. So, It would help if you could even reduce that limit from 10000 mm to 800
  2. [update - it does do this! sorry - could do it more often, though...] I've noticed that Cura doesn't use 'G92 E0' lines like slc3r does. As a result, you see the full extrusion towards the end of the print, e.g. G1 X152.68 Y191.48 E18999.16459 G1 X152.97 Y191.93 E18999.19454 G1 X152.62 Y191.91 E18999.21392 This can be a problem for larger prints. Here's the issue: there's only very small extrusions implied per G1 here - the last two lines differ by less than .02 mm. But in many prints the total extrusion can get to dozens of meters. As far as I'm aware, firmware like Marlin convert
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