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  1. I tired to move it up and gives a lot of resistance. I have to apply lot of pressure to move it up. It only moves smoothly when i turn the Screw from the motor....other than that not really even in different directions. And yes i put the grease when i replaced the motor
  2. No problem then... you read the emails so you know whats going on after the second print was done, the bed goes down making a weird and loud noise. next day when i went to print something else the z axis didnt work i replaced the z motor, and nothing changed I plugged exactly where was plugged Thats my situation
  3. Im sorry sander it isnt the way you are saying. It wasnt only one delayed reply. ALL the event you just described happened in a period of a month. I am a very patient person and i really hate to have this type of argument but its very unpleasant to send a ticket explaning the problem, 3 days later receive steps trying to figure out the problem. OK, i did it and i replied saying that any of the steps worked... after that i have to wait an entire week or more for another email from you guys. Im not an expert on this machines, i told you guys what i saw and what happened. You shouldnt tak
  4. This happened 2 months ago and the support didnt change. I also have a problem and my printer is off for a month I gonna return it and get my money back Horrible experience
  5. Thanks for answering me. It doesnt move at all, I followed what you said and still doesnt move and doesnt make any sound...its totally dead last week ultimaker sent me a new z motor and didnt work. after that im still waiting for an answer from the support
  6. ULTIMAKER SUPPORT I bought an ultimaker 2 a month ago. The Z axis stop working on the second test print. Since then im trying to contact the support but they only answer me once a week. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE, to solve a problem chatting with the support receiving answers once a week? every email i get "sorry for this, sorry for that" but never an solution for this disrespect to the people who buy their products. Im done with this email thing, does any one here know if they have a support by phone? PLEASE SUPPORT SOLVE MY PROBLEM
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