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  1. Not yet. First, I am going to do what you recommend and uncoil the amount of filament necessary for a print rather than just keep it off the spool. I think I may have had a tangling issue. If that does not work, on to dismantling! Thanks for your help.
  2. And there is my problem … filament grinding. Thank you for this.
  3. I am going to call it a total standstill. When you retract the filament, there is a groove at the spot that the cogwheel clearly just kept churning over which clearly prohibited the filament from moving forward. I know there has to be pressure on the filament to keep it moving, I just wonder if it is too much pressure and needs to be adjusted at the feeder module. Seems odd that it work for six prints or so and then have this issue. But it began right after putting the 3.0mm through.
  4. Heating to 260C was recommended in the manual, so that is why I tried it. In any event, it was a short, one-time shot and then I put it back to factory standard. Then the chest printed fine for like six hours before going bad. So I still think the issue is either the filament getting tangled on the spool or there being a need to adjust the feeder. I just didn't know if anyone else had run into that need before I go getting all mechanical. I will say though, that I will certainly default to 2.85mm as much as possible. I liked your comment on the inner diameter. Thanks for that perspective.
  5. Ok, a little color on the above. I pulled out the 3.00mm and put back the Ultimaker-provided 2.85mm. The filament had a groove in it. At some point, for some reason, the cogwheel just kept spinning at the same point and dug a groove in the filament, so it clearly could not move forward. I tried printing the chest last night, again with the Ultimaker filament, and about 80% through it stopped (grrr). When I removed the filament, there was that groove again. But of course, it got most of the way through the print first. So two scenarios: 1.) On the print of the chest, it actually looks like the filament got tangled on the reel. Of course, this did not appear to be a factor in the two previous times this happened. Still, has anyone had issues with the tangling of the filament? Is this just a case of my being more careful in handling the reel? 2.) Could the issue be the filament feeder itself? I made no changes to anything on that unit since opening the box and have made maybe 10 prints. Would the unit get maladjusted that quickly, and how to I solve? Would it be so sensitive that it would not take the 3.00mm filament, or do I need to make an adjustment for it to take that filament. Thanks.
  6. OK, I am now able to download printable files. Thanks for you help this morning. The new issue: no material is coming out of the nozzle. Now, as recently as last night this was not a problem. However, I changed the material from one color to another, and the other difference is that I changed from 2.85mm to 3.00mm. I vented the excess material in the nozzle, and the new color seemed to come out just fine at that point. I adjusted the machine to the larger diameter PLA. When it did not come out I tried to increase the temp to 260c to melt any blockage. No good. It actually looks like the feeder on the back is not pushing it through. Is there an adjustment to the material feeder module on the back of the unit that is required when you go from 2.85mm to 3.0mm? Any other thoughts? Thanks.
  7. Ah, perfect, thank you. I was under the impression that STL files had the slice instructions. Didn't realize there was another step. I was going to get to uploading Cura, but now that will be my next step. I appreciate this!
  8. Hello. I am very new to this (owned machine one week) and have a simple question: On YouMagin. Go to an item (like Cymon's hinged treasure chest). I hit download and move that folder to my SDHC card (exact same model as came with the unit). When I put the card into the machine, it sees the hinged-treasure-chest folder, but when I select that it says no files are found. If I download just the STL file from the folder directly onto the drive, the machine still says no files found. So it can see the folder but not the STL file, I guess. This feels like major user error. What am I doing wrong to be able to download from the site? Thanks.
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