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  1. Metal coatings ? Can you give us more information please ?
  2. Check filament diameter. I had a case with cheap fillament that it was too fat (over 3.1mm) for the bowden tube. Too much friction and it the feeder could not feed the nozzle with material. Also if your coil is too tight you will have same results. Get some 30-28 gauge needles to unclog your nozzles. Go for the shorter ones, they are more difficult to bend.
  3. Print one feeder (robert's design), just in case, and a fun duct I used Valcrow design. Only the feeder is must have IMHO.
  4. Check netfabb basic, you can cut your stl in to many parts very easy.
  5. I didn't like the default settings. They never worked for me. Its really worring that you get grinding with a temp of 260c. try to setup the extruder motor so it doesnt apply so much force onto the fillament. Up your print bed to 100-103c to get better adhesion. I'm allways using ABS slurry when I print with abs. @Nick S: I really cant understand how you guys print without fans. I cant manage to do it if there is even a suspicius of an overhang over 40 degrees.
  6. Hello Give us some details about temps, speed, layers etc. Temp is related with the grinding you are getting. Bigger temp means easier flow so the feeder motor doesn't require so much force to push the fillament.
  7. Can you post a picture before the sanding?
  8. Thats a great print! Big differences between the two you posted! GJ
  9. You dont mention any temperatures. What temp you use? Can you see any skipping on the fillament?
  10. when you will be happy with the results please upload the design so we can use it too.
  11. What nozzle are you using Labern?
  12. Exactly, I had the same thoughts Anders!
  13. Are your fans at 100%? There is no visible under extrution on the outside of the model though lower speed and temp a little, 200c and 40mm/s and rotate marvin 45 degrees to get better airflow in front of him, left fan should point at the face.
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