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  1. Thanks a lot Didier! great reading material I've already glanced through and I can tell that there's much trouble shooting I can do. Ill get to work tonight
  2. Hey Guys! Ill get straight to the point, My Y-Axis shaft seems to be loose Ill post the pic at bottom. When the motor makes quick movement the shaft which is visible on the outside of the Ultimaker 2 moves back and forward slightly jarring my prints and causing issues I'm wondering the correct way to tighten them. I've have my UM2 for about 4 months so its relatively new and I didn't have this issue until recently! I would really appreciate the help! thanks guys! Ron
  3. Thanks a lot for the feed back fellas, I tried both methods and have gotten way better results ill most likely just stick with the cylinder method, just because It seems like every time I fiddle with my settings something else breaks many thanks! Ron
  4. this picture I think better represents the issue, a simple test where it should be a sharp point at the top of the cone. However the top is melted and mushed in by the print head.
  5. Hey Thanks for getting back so soon Ian I uploaded a picture of the problem area youll get the idea pretty quick im sure. Settings used 200C 60mm standard white pla /RoHs Ultimaker2 .06 line height hope this helps! Thanks again Ron
  6. Hey Guys I'm new to the Ultimaker forums and have a question! First off love the printer, but as everybody already knows 3d printing takes patience. I've recently had the issue with my printer where the hot end has been pushing into my model mostly at the final layers but can even end up shaking the model in some areas. also the hot end will push into the model causing melting on fine detail smudging them. I've tried re calibrating multiple times getting the layer height perfect but still seems to pinch the nozzle head and print cause the bed to even jiggle slightly while printing. I woul
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