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  1. i'll try your method, but this should be an option in cura, i've printed a lot of bottomless things, only now the open overhangs have been an issue
  2. the bottom is open with bottom set to 0, but also the overhang, which is what i'm trying to avoid
  3. it's about settings in cura. i just want to avoid printing the solid bottom layers, saving hours in some prints, but keep the overhanging bottom layers that aren't touching the buildplate
  4. is there any way to do what the original post asked for? removing the top/bottom layers but keeping other horizontal faces closed? my model is very wide at the bottom, but has overhangs which are left open when i set bottom thickness to 0
  5. i'm printing something that's very wide at the bottom and the surface it sits on doesnt need to be closed, to save time and material. a simple solution would be to set bottom thickness to zero, but there are some overhangs a bit higher up, and those get their bottom removed also with this setting. cutting the model in parts, stacking them in cura and changing the settings for each part doesn't help because the bottom/top gets printed at the seams, increasing the time again i basicly need a setting to change the bottom touching the buildplate to be 0, not the bottoms on overhangs
  6. it's the aft section of a venator star destroyer from starwars, i downloaded it, but i put a lot of work in it to fixing it for printing. the bow section printed just fine, the aft failed before and after i printed the bow it doesn't shift on the exact same layer each time, but it's only a couple of mm off i'll wait for @kmanstudios 's print
  7. i did that, failed again on the same spot... gcode attached below if anyone wants to try UM2_venator_20cm_2_aft.gcode
  8. it wasn't gone, there was a slightly shorter set screw in there so it looked as if it was gone untill i got the motor out and had a beter look. while i was there i tightened it, hope it works now
  9. @IRobertI the set screw for the pulley on the motor shaft appears to be missing
  10. i've printed one other thing that worked just fine, it was taller than this, so it definetly passed the point where it keeps shifting. @IRobertI i'll try that, but shouldn't it shift more irregular if it's because of loose pulleys?
  11. cura, i just reimport it to check if it got corrupted somehow
  12. i've printed this several times, and it shifted layers at around the same point each time. i tried reslicing it, tightening the screws on the xy axis, still the same. other files print fine. if i import the gcode in cura, it shows it being fine
  13. when putting several object on the print surface cura starts to lag more and more each time you want to start moving an object because it wants to calculate the gcode each time. i looked through the settings but couldn't find anything to delay the computing of the gcode. maybe i missed it? otherwise it would be a good feature to implement cura version 2.3.1
  14. i'm printing things that are 1.7mm tall, that shouldn't be able to touch anything, as long as the nozzle stays clear
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