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  1. I not sure if I'm going to build them. I have been working on a solid in Solidworks to fit with no modification to the current machine. I had an idea in my head of nozzle that could be unscrewed with the heat block still in the machine. But I'm stuck. I currently don't have an UM2 to test my ideas on and I don't know anyone local either. I have the machinery if you need any help making your ideas.
  2. Thanks for all your support! I am still in prototype phase, so once I get some working models I will do some extensive testing to get the best results. Does anyone in the US want to help test a prototype? If so email me at gillblazer@gmail.com for more info.
  3. That is exactly what I was thinking. I was thinking of making the heater block out of aluminum instead of brass also.
  4. I realise that. My thoughts are to design one that has it so the tip can be taken off for easy cleaning or to change size.
  5. Hello, I'm planning on making the integrated nozzles with different extruder sizes. My plan is to make the most commonly wanted sizes. I see that .2, .3, .5, and .8 are the most wanted. The price depends on how many people want them, but I don't see them being any more then $28 shipped in USA. International shipping will be a little bit more. I will be taking presales though PayPal when I get a definite answer on what sizes people want. I will be posting this on other social networks like instagram and G+. Thanks, Brandon Gill
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