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  1. I didn't see anything in the Cura github issues list that matches this issue. I've noticed this about 4 or 5 times in the last few weeks since upgrading to Cura 4.0. (Side note: I had to turn off auto-slicing due to Cura crashing 5 times a day and it hasn't crashed since) When I'm finished slicing and want to save onto the USB drive, I: Insert the USB drive for my U3Ext into my 2015 MBP running the latest Mojave Get a popup from VMWare Fusion (I run Windows-based Solidworks in a VM) if I want to mount the USB drive in Mac or Windows, I choose Mac Wait for the dr
  2. So many people take this approach to print out small things or tall narrow things (the robot, for example). Seems it would be nice to have an option to calculate a layer's area and have the hot end move off of the print for a few seconds to allow the layer to sufficiently cool. I realize there could be drippage, so not sure if it's a viable solution. The goal would be to gain the advantage of printing multiple things at the same time to force layer cooling without the wasting of filament when printing two of something. A wipe tower where the hotend spends much less time on than
  3. My cura 4.0 kept crashing on me. I would load a model and auto-slicing would fire off, sometimes crashing. I would other times load a 2nd or 3rd model onto the same build plate and maybe 60% of the time, it would crash. Since disabling auto-slice just over a week ago, I haven't had a crash since. I, too, noticed that the Slice button remained active after clicking. I am conscious of when I click it now and wait a few seconds before doing anything else.
  4. Am currently at work but I left my U3Ext printing something. Do I have to set anything up from Cura at home or from my U3? I can see a device listed in mycloud, but it's listed as "ultimakersystem-ccbdd3001d5a". The device is "IP Null" and doesn't show anything printing in the current group and nothing queued. I'm still running Cura 4.0 at home and it is currently running on my home laptop.
  5. Thoughts/experience of the A4988 solder hack: I recently performed the A4988 hack of shorting out a single resistor on each A4988 chip. I had one cold solder joint on the 2nd extruder that had to be fixed, but aside from that, my zebra stripes have diminished about 90% of what they were. Am very happy with the hack. However, and I don't know if these things were happening before the hack or not, but I noticed my X stepper is about 2 to 3 times louder than the Y stepper. If it were the Y, I'd suspect it was active leveling, but it's the X where active leveling shouldn't be m
  6. Thank you, Phillip for the wonderful nozzles (AA.25, AA.4, AA.8, BB.4) & heating blocks! I was surprised to see Christmas come so early in the year 😃
  7. Fixed it. After taking off the cover and putting on my jeweler's magnifier goggles, I could see from the side that the wire I soldered onto the pads wasn't touching one of the pads. Must have desoldered the SMD resistor as well, I guess. Removed the resistor completely, cleaned the pads and used a different tiny piece of solid wire and made a proper connection. 2nd extruder working fine 🙂 WHEW! 😅
  8. Found the 1548-I Ultimainboard schematic for the U3Ext in the Ultimaker github repo and confirmed that U13 with R103 is the stepper driver for the 2nd extruder.
  9. I performed the stepper driver hack (linked below) to help reduce zebra stripes in my prints the other day and all seemed fine at the time. This morning, I was trying to load filament for the first time since the hack into the 2nd printhead of my U3Ext and the extruder stepper wouldn't turn. If I lean in close to the extruder, I can faintly, barely hear the steps being sent to the stepper. It climbs in pitch and back down again, just as if the extruder were loading the filament but it doesn't spin. Seems the stepper commands are working but the voltage is so low, nothing happens?
  10. When opening up two separate .stl files that are meant to be a single 2-color print, they come in at different locations on the print bed. - Select one and set which printhead will print it - Select the other and set the other printhead to print it - Select both at the same time, right click on one of them and choose to merge them. Cura will slide them perfectly on top of one another and remember which printhead should print which part Edit: I've also noticed that the merged model will sometimes have the Z location changed. Either -Z or put slightly above the buil
  11. That’s very nice of you, Philip! If you have paypal or Venmo, I will gladly pay for the nozzle & shipping! Do you happen to also have a BB .04mm? I’d love to have one as a backup.
  12. Are the nozzles on the 3DSolex possibly the same thread size as the Olsen Block nozzles? I'm probably going to buy a 3DSolex hardcore but hope to reuse the OB nozzles I already have.
  13. I switched material at the same time I switched the nozzles and went from too much stringing to almost none and thought it was the material swap & temp change that did it. I was thinking it would ooze more. That makes sense that it could. Thanks for the info. I still have the 3DSolex page open in a tab from Gr5's store. Sure looks sexy! Guess I'll have to dish out the cash. Part of me wants to get another original AA core just so I have a 100% matching pair without possible drippage, as well as a 3DSolex... or two.
  14. I just did the solder solution for my a4988 stepper drivers on my U3Ext. I performed the hack on all 5 stepper drivers (x,y,z, extruder 1 & 2) because the issue is with the 2 missing/softer steps on all steppers, not just the ones that move the gantry/bed. How much those missing steps can affect the actual pressure through the nozzle is up for debate (may not affect it at all), but I figured might as well fix all of the similar devices instead of just x,y,z. Seeing the heat sinks on the smoothers makes me wonder... Do the original stepper drivers also get hot with either the
  15. I experienced a bad print with old, bad PLA. The print had lots of retractions and the filament broke just before going into the extruder. By the time I got home, the melted filament in the nozzle had burned and crystallized under 220c for over 8 hours, clogging the nozzle quite well, indeed. Then I did something stupid. I couldn't clean the nozzle no matter what I tried. Warm pull, cold pull, removed the nozzle and tried scraping. I then thought it would be a good idea to use a drill bit to drill partially down into the hardened plastic and pull it out, like a stripped scre
  16. Success! The position of the 5 SMD resistors were easily accessible without having to take the board out of the UM3Ext. Just had to unplug a few cables and move them out of the way. Was able to do the soldering with the machine on its side. Sadly, RIP to resistor #102, who fell to his untimely death. He gave his life for better surfaces. He will not be forgotten 😢 The blurry looking purple text looks that way because the ink seeped into the layer lines of the print. The actual surfaces are in focus. The Before right side has some funky layering towards the to
  17. I picked up my U3Ext April 20, 2017, long before this thread had a solution. I assume that means Ultimaker wasn't able to update the board before I got mine. If someone wanted to do the solder fix on an U3Ext, would the same resistors be shorted out or are they different ones? Would it still be R84, R85 & R86 for X/Y/Z on the U3Ext? @Torgeir / @gr5 ? Thanks to everyone who contributed to troubleshooting the zebra issue. Was great to read it all in one sitting.
  18. The 3Doodler "Create" & "Pro" work only with 3mm filament
  19. I just realized my solution doesn't update the pagination links for First page | Previous page | Next page | Last page, just the numbered page links. Here is the 1st line again with an update to the 2nd line to include those: var urlFix = "/en/community" + $('ul.breadcrumbs > li > a').slice(2).map(function(){ return "/"+$(this).text().trim().replace(/\s/g, '-').replace(/[?.]/g, ''); }).toArray().join('').toLowerCase(), newHref;$('a.pagination-page, a.pagination-link').each(function(){ newHref=urlFix+$(this).prop('href').split('/en/community')[1]; $(this).attr('data-replace-href', ne
  20. For example, I can type the following two lines of jQuery into the console log of my browser (it works because you are using jQuery in your page) and update all displayed pagination links with the correct "href" and "data-replace-href". *I noticed that changing the href only would update the URL but still display the wrong content in the page and updating the data-replace-href only would display the correct content but the URL would now be wrong. So they both have to be updated to fix the link. var urlFix = "/en/community" + $('ul.breadcrumbs > li > a').slice(2).map(function(){ re
  21. Thank you for the response, SandervG. Making the forum faster doesn't help much if the navigation doesn't let you get around in the first place Makes me think of tuning the engine of a car to make it faster when the transmission has fallen out. As a web app developer, when I see issues like this, it probably makes me more frustrated than the average forum visitor because I can envision a fix in my head. If saying it's a back-end issue and not easy to solve means you might be able to fix it faster if it were fixable with just the front end, then that might be a possibility. I unde
  22. Thank you for the reply, DaHai8, but I already had that information in my original post
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