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  1. Hello TheGrine, im interested in this configuration, could you please give me feedback of the configuration? Did you have STL for the mount?
  2. Hello guys, My printer is definitely working as before :-P i didnt know you have improved the coupler, and i was thinking on getting this replace http://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/1959140480.html But obviously i prefer the fiberglass one :mrgreen:
  3. Hello again, I had to drill a 4mm hole, the deformation inside was like 4.1-4.2mm. Its printing right now, and im seeing a great difference, its printing almost like the old days! hope its fixed! Thanks everyone!
  4. Thank you lRobertl & gr5. The 3rd fan is ok, it works fine as always. Also, i always put the bowden tube with your screw method IRobertI, if i dont do this, it only prints like 20 seconds. gr5 your idea of making a 3mm drill was my next move, the teflon part is, as you said, a bit deformed on the heated side, i cant even pull it out. Pushing some virging filament feels with a hell of friction, thats the reason i blamed the teflon. I will try the drill next, lets see what happens. Thank you!
  5. Hi people, Im having a lot of problems with my UM2, it started 1 month ago, now its impossible to make a single piece. I checked a lot of threads and used your advises but now im just lost, nothing worked. The print start normally, but passed 2 o 3 min, it starts to and the filament clogs. When i pull the filament after this, there are always a ball bigger than the tube. I did the atomic method, and the filament is always damaged, no matter the times i do ( last time i did like 10 times and the result after 4-5 was the same). I used a 0,3mm hypoalergenic needle to clean the nozzle, but
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