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  1. Wasn't sure what the "z scar" was so i did some research, you are correct that is what it is. I guess there is no easy way to minimize it since its kind of inherent due to the need for Z to step. I can't use spiralize on most of my prints since I don't typically print single walled items...
  2. Has anybody ever experienced this before??
  3. This is a picture of what I am talking about. The red circled areas show the little balls of extra material I am getting...
  4. I am currently working with ABS on the UM2. I have a small issue where on the outside edges of my parts I am getting a small ball of extra plastic. It looks like after a retraction the system overextrudes slightly, causing the extra ball of material. Is there a setting that controls extrusion after retraction? Or does anyone have any other suggestions on minimizing these defects? The rest of the parts look great, so I don't think I am overextruding...
  5. I actually had a very similar problem with my UM2. If any of my prints were close to the back right corner, they would come out bad. What I found was that there was a black wiring box that is on the left side of the top aluminum plate (it connects the wires to the heating pad for the build plate). If the rear adjustment screw is too tight, then this wiring box will contact the lower aluminum plate, and once it contacts if you continue to tighten the rear leveling screw it will actually pull down the rear right corner. I found that you have to leave about 1mm of space between the plastic bo
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