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  1. Hmmm, that is good point. However I red somewhere on forum that if you have a pulsating feeling when moving print head around (at some areas it moves faster followed by areas where it moves slower) is due to eccentric pulleys and I do have this. Anyways here is a video, maybe it helps: One can see that axis is moving as well a bit up and down. I guess that is not OK.
  2. After a long Friday afternoon (re adjusting axis, printing end cups and tightening some belts and pulleys) my result is much better. Then I discovered that my pulleys and axes are eccentric (will contact with support about this matter). However I went on with repeated print and here is the result. Things I changed in Cura from previous print: temp +10C and shell thickness 0.8mm (from 0.4mm). Any comments?
  3. Hi nallath, I just wanted to keep those pointy pyramids as in model (with .8mm wall thickness Cura removes them after they get thinner than .8mm), but will try printing with .8mm thickness. Not sure if there could be under extrusion printing with 1.2 mm^3/s, that should be alright. Will check my feeder system though. Hi IRobert, I will re assemble my axis, seems that there is head resistance and re-tighten everything again. Tnx for sharing info.
  4. Hello Ultimaker community, I have recently assembled Ultimaker Original and started with printing. However there is a lot of tweaking and tuning to be done on Ultimeker it self and Cura. I have tried different prints to test and jet there are some problems. Since it takes more than 4h to print this part I will rather ask you what could be your recommendations (I have read a lot of posts from this forum as well as used google to get some idea of settings in Cura for printing). I am using 2.85mm PLA filament from Ultimaker. Settings in Cura: Why does top surfaces have tho
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