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  1. So to update where I am. I downgraded the firmware to 14.12 (the previous one) which had worked well for me. The the hot end became blocked with the first print back at that firmware version and as I removed it to clean everything up (the atomic method didn't work) and I broke it. After much hunting I finally got a replacement hot end this morning and when I start my first print, the printer locks up, just like the picture above, reset it and calibrate everything again and right now its printing.
  2. Hello, I am unsure if this is the correct place to post about firmware, please move it if needs be. I upgraded my ultimaker 2 shortly after the newest firmware was released and all was well, but in the last two or so weeks it has started to randomly lockup. Either It continues printing, but nothing changes on screen, if you use the scroll the wheel, it does not move between the options and it does not count down. This can happen undisturbed or when tweaking settings Or It stops printing mid-way and just oozes, fans and heaters remain on and the screen garbles partially. It does not respond This one happened about 10 mins ago eg. Both cases you have to switch it off and on again before it becomes responsive I had reflashed the firmware twice from two different computers and I get the same problem. It’s not all the time and can happen on quick prints or large prints. I have an ultimaker 2 Debian 7/ Windows 7 Cura 15.02.1 Print from SD card Both PLA/ABS No mods Card is also good and files end correctly Thankx in advanced
  3. Hello all, Over last week my Ultimaker 2 failed. The head was blocked with both PLA and ABS. I tried the 'Atomic' clean method and it didn’t help. I tried heating to 260 and letting it sit for a while, and poking the end with a 0.35 drill bit but little success (the bit wont enter). Since I cant use any chemicals to clean out the PLA (I believe NaOH will react with the brass and I don’t have proper way to dispose of chemicals) I dissembled the head completely and using a chefs blow torch, burnt out all the plastic. Looking closely it looks like a shard of metal ended up in the nozzle. I am unsure where it has entered from, maybe from the plastic cant say? So now I’m going to replace the brass hotend completely. I just wanted to check, does the thermistor need to me inserted fully? - it was hard to take out and its hard to get back in fully. Right now I can get most of it in with a small amount of the metal jacket protruding, where as before it was completely in with no jacket showing. does the ultimaker do its own temperature calibration or does that have to be initiated? I did notice when reassembling the damaged print head, that it was finding it difficult to maintain the correct temperature, typically overshooting by 15*C The inside of the bowden tube is sticky (most likely burnt PLA) can this be cleaned with caustic soda or is it best to replace that too and can I use the one listed in the store that is meant for the ultimaker 1 Thanks Germano
  4. Hello, I have a 17 day old ultimaker 2. When i unpacked it there was no obvious defects other then marks on the fan (it didn't stop the fan preforming so ignored it). The last item i printed was last sunday in ABS Today i'm using some PLA and as the print started the print after the change i noticed the fan shroud scraping against the glass and the head not even close. I stopped the print to have a closer look to find that the shroud had warped, damaged wires on the fan at the back and some plastic has been leaking around the heater block. I have no idea what has caused this, any ideas as to what has happened and how to fix it would be amazing. regards
  5. This would be a Rigidbot. It has custom eletronics based around a Ramps/sanguinololu if i remember correctly. http://rigidtalk.com/wiki/index.php?title=Technical_Specifications the boards seam to be hit and miss if they function or not The design files have yet to be released Thank you i will get in contact with sales
  6. Not sure if this is the right sub.. Is there any where to buy an Ultimaker 2 Main Board? I have another printer being sent to me shortly that is shapping up to have really crappy eletronics and i'm looking to replace the main board & power supply (the current one is listed as 400w @ 24v) Thankx
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