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  1. I experimented with the retraction and temp settings. I was having trouble mainly for the first layer with a clogged bowden tube because of expanding filament. Even at 175C the problem occurred. So i realized it might due to the pressure getting build up rather then heat traveling upwards.
  2. Yeah! In my research I came already across his website. But i have a UM (custom made +). It is available for UM2... for now as i understand In the meantime I will tweak some retraction settings (distance, minimal extrusion).
  3. I could be wrong but i don't count any G11 or G10 commands in my gcode. There is retraction when printing, though. Cura 15.04 Marlin 1.0.2-1 Having trouble here with filament getting stuck in bowden tube due to retraction / soft filament (Colorfabb) above hot end isolator (UMO). Edit: I read now it is a Ultigcode thing.... 8)
  4. I use ColorFabb nowadays and have to print PLA at 185C and 40mm/s for some parts to prevent clogs into the bowden tube, resulting in zero extrusion. I think like Gr5 said, it is due to the retraction (depending on shape of the part) making the plastic to soft above the hot end. So i try to print at low temp. ColorFabb seems to get more soften at lower temp than Ultimaker filament. Altough i am convinced i never had clogging in the bowden the first couple of years, i need to accept the new situation :( I already replaced the hotend and bowden a couple of times. Maybe it is because i print l
  5. Hi! Took me some time to tackle this one too! MostlyAtomicBob's comment about the short belts got me into the right direction. I upgraded my belts to 200-2gt with new pulley's. Now it seems that the plastic spacers are to short. They are now almost 11mm long, but need at least 12 or even better 13mm. Going for some new spacers when the shops are open! They are available in different lengths, increasing by 1mm. Cheers, Boudewijn Edit: I bought some M3 25mm bolts and a 15mm spacer. No more annoying sounds or jerky movements...sliding is very smooth now :wink:
  6. Totally agree. Took me all day to figure out it was 14.07 that baked my stepper drivers....
  7. Yo, Same problem here! I installed today a very fine heated bed. It took me all day to find out it was Cura 14.07 that was baking my stepper drivers and locking my stepper motors. Reinstalled 14.03 and things are running like before..... finally....... :shock: (Pffoeh.... I was already looking for a new mainboard :mrgreen: )
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