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  1. I managed to fix the problem. i took a needle and heated it. I placed it against the filament that was stuck and had it melt to the needle so that i could pull it out. I like tinkering on things but the warranty kinda had me worried. Thanks guys Great community
  2. It has somehow fallen next to the feeder, the black box. I can't seem to pull it out.
  3. I am pulling very hard but it doesn't budge. I am afraid of breaking something. What should I do? I do mean the reel where I have to insert the filament.
  4. Welcome Joeluis I am new as well and am loving the community so far.
  5. So i just received my Ultimaker 2 and have printed the first robot without changing anything to the settings. Can anyone tell me what settings i need to change in order to prevent the rough edges and dripping with the 'bridges' as you can see in the picture. Should i slow the printing speed?
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