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  1. I made a steel coupler, since steel is an insulator but Im nervouse about trying it. anyone with experience making it out of steel, Aluminum is a good conductor, so it'll quickly trasfer the heat.
  2. Hi anyone thought about making it out of stainless steel? it insulates too, not as good as TEFLON
  3. sorry i wasnt clear in my post, my nozzle is not new, its worn after some usage and changing materials.
  4. Hi, I had the same issue with colorfab for a while till I measured the diameter of my nozzle, which turned out to be above .5mm. I modified the settings to reflect .5mm nozzle diameter and it is now printing clean. I hope this helps. Standard settings, I also lowered the temperature to 195C, minimum specified
  5. Hi, does anyone know if or when will the ultimaker 2+ new feeding system be available as an upgrade to the ultimaker 2?
  6. Hi, I had to disassemble the feeder motor and reassembled it back. The feeder motor does not seem alligned perpendicular to the machine now and when I try to load material the material does not go up through the hole. I have to try loading the material several times before it goes through the hole to the bowden. How do I make sure that the feeder motor is aligned perpendicular to the machine when assembling? I beleive it is also causing the jams im experiencing.
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