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  1. could you tell me what baud rate for USB communication cura/printer is best at?
  2. Sorry again, should've put that when exporting I save the g.code then open it in repetier Would an older version of cura be better to try for a Mac or do I just need to go ahead and run it through a PC?
  3. sorry,... should've known to post that!! it's V 14.07 USB connection on a IMac just exporting the Gcode into repetier environment also,which ive done with kisslicer and had no problems,cura is just so much faster and cleaner looking slice! thx
  4. First post here guys! I have a felix 2.0 and am running cura for my slicing software, when printing the perimeter action is very jittery where Slic3r and skeinforge run very smooth and even speed It acts fine in straight line motion on infill but that is only place it does I have the settings in cura on marlin/sprinter which is the firmware for the felix units any suggestions are appreciated thx!!!!
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