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  1. I had this problem and it was Tinkergnome who fixed it for me 😁 In the starting script, the nozzle wipe will be at Z0; tinkerware doesn't like that so set the wipe to Z0.1 and it should work ok. It's the Pull Away Filament line 👍
  2. It was sorted out by updating the firmware. I have since moved on from stock to using the Tinker firmware.
  3. Tinkergnome, you are a saviour.This did not even occur to me as 0 would be inside the print area, but there you go! Test print completed and blip fan command removed also. Many thanks! ?
  4. Checked the print area and it was the same as the one within S3D. Machine settings are as follows: As I said before, I havent had a snag with anything before changing firmware. Have also attached a small gcode file TIA, Dave Marvin_KeyChain.gcode
  5. It happens right at the start. When I select the print, I get the standard "This file will override machine settings with setting from the slicer", which is nothing new, always had that with S3D sliced prints. The machine then heats up and just as it starts to move for printing, (head moves slightly out of home and back and the bed does the same) it stops and I get "ERROR: Tried printing out of printing area". There is no pre-movement of the head before the machine heats up, like it does using Cura, it just heats up. My starting script is as follows, never had a problem with Ultimaker firmware. I'm a Gcode biff so any advice gratefully received! G28 ; home all axes G1 X20 Y10 F3000 ; bring extruder to front G92 E0 ; zero the extruded length G1 Z10 ; lower G1 E19 F200 ; purge nozzle quickly G1 E26 F60 ; purge nozzle slowly G92 E0 ; zero the extruded length again G1 E-5.5 F400 ; retract G1 X190 Z0 F9000 ; pull away filament G1 X210 F9000 ; wipe G1 Y20 F9000 ; wipe G1 E0 ; feed filament back
  6. I'm still having no luck getting this to work with S3D - gutted that I have a very powerful slicer that my UM2+ hates :-(
  7. Was going to say the same thing. But is something like that coming? Intrigue! I don't want to have to spend all the time inserting parameters and tweaking settings again. This will teach me to backup my material profiles!
  8. Is there a database or depository of material profiles for Cura? I had to do a reset and all of my custom profiles are gone, mostly for the Colorfabb filaments and PETg :( I've searched but had no joy finding anything.
  9. I tried the change of gcode in Cura to see if gcode type was the problem, but as I stated it didn't work anyway. The problem I have is with S3D working with the tinker firmware.
  10. I'm having no problem with Cura, so it's very unlikely to be a hardware problem.
  11. I updated my UM2+ with the latest Tinker firmware back in April and it has improved the machine no end. I've also been using Cura since then, getting to grips with new settings etc. However, I tried today to use S3D with my standard UM2 profile and I get an error saying the printer is trying to print outside the print area. I tried again on a more basic setting, get the same warning. I was going back to S3D to have some more control for hot end temperatures, so I tried in Cura by changing the firmware flavour from Ultimaker 2 to Marlin, sliced in Cura and then tried to print. Same error, printing outside the print area. Incidentally. I got the usual warning from the S3D sliced object that I was using the slicer to override the machine settings, but also got that for the Marlin slice in Cura. Is there something really obvious I have missed?
  12. I would like a suffix, rather than a prefix, and would like nozzle size and material being used. As I change nozzles and use different materials, it would be nice to know if I can just print something off with what is loaded in the machine. At the moment I add these details manually, but it would be nice to be able to tailor it.
  13. You need to go to the manufacturer of the filament and use the settings they suggest for printing.
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