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  1. jockspice

    Material profiles for download?

    Was going to say the same thing. But is something like that coming? Intrigue! I don't want to have to spend all the time inserting parameters and tweaking settings again. This will teach me to backup my material profiles!
  2. Is there a database or depository of material profiles for Cura? I had to do a reset and all of my custom profiles are gone, mostly for the Colorfabb filaments and PETg :( I've searched but had no joy finding anything.
  3. jockspice

    Tinker Firmware and S3D - UM2+

    I tried the change of gcode in Cura to see if gcode type was the problem, but as I stated it didn't work anyway. The problem I have is with S3D working with the tinker firmware.
  4. jockspice

    Tinker Firmware and S3D - UM2+

    I'm having no problem with Cura, so it's very unlikely to be a hardware problem.
  5. jockspice

    Tinker Firmware and S3D - UM2+

    Really? No-one with this snag?
  6. jockspice

    Tinker Firmware and S3D - UM2+

    I updated my UM2+ with the latest Tinker firmware back in April and it has improved the machine no end. I've also been using Cura since then, getting to grips with new settings etc. However, I tried today to use S3D with my standard UM2 profile and I get an error saying the printer is trying to print outside the print area. I tried again on a more basic setting, get the same warning. I was going back to S3D to have some more control for hot end temperatures, so I tried in Cura by changing the firmware flavour from Ultimaker 2 to Marlin, sliced in Cura and then tried to print. Same error, printing outside the print area. Incidentally. I got the usual warning from the S3D sliced object that I was using the slicer to override the machine settings, but also got that for the Marlin slice in Cura. Is there something really obvious I have missed?
  7. jockspice

    Ultimaker Cura Prefix

    I would like a suffix, rather than a prefix, and would like nozzle size and material being used. As I change nozzles and use different materials, it would be nice to know if I can just print something off with what is loaded in the machine. At the moment I add these details manually, but it would be nice to be able to tailor it.
  8. jockspice

    Carbon fiber filament

    You need to go to the manufacturer of the filament and use the settings they suggest for printing.
  9. jockspice

    Tinker firmware - introduction

    I've just caught onto tinker firmware after seeing someone use it on YouTube, but I can't even get it to install. I'm using latest version of Cura 3.3.1 but the progress bar just sits there. Tried a factory reset too but still no joy. Thwarted! Normal firmware upgrades fine over USB, on both desktop and using a sketchy laptop. Belay my last, managed to do it by replacing the cure firmware file in the cura folder. This is really great!
  10. Fixed! Thanks again for the help! G91 ;relative position G1 Z+10; lower the bed a bit G1 E-10 F1000 ; retract a bit G28 X0 ; home x axis M104 S0 ; turn off heaters M140 S0 ; turn off bed M84 ; disable motors G90 ;absolute position
  11. Hi Tinkergnome, I thought it was relative move, Z+20, rather than the absolute, which would be Z20? However, that said, I completely forgot about using G91. Will give it a go! Cheers, Dave
  12. I have been using this end script for a while in Simplify3d with my UM2+, in order to lift the head before it moves away from the print. Since the firmware update, it raises the bed, driving the hot end into the print, rather than moving it down away from the model. Am I missing something obvious? I haven't changed any other settings. G1 Z+20; lower the bed a bit G1 E-20 F1000; retract a bit G28 X0 ; home x axis M104 S0 ; turn off heaters M140 S0 ; turn off bed M84 ; disable motors
  13. It is indeed a lot quieter and a lot more reliable.
  14. gr5 you are indeed awesome! Same problem, same solution. Well done, Sir!
  15. In the end, I've adapted this mounting plate for the UM2+ extruder by reducing it to 2mm thick and I plan to install it when I get a chance. Esteps will be changed to 837 then hopefully all will be well. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/um2-extrusion-upgrade-kit-mount-for-umo

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