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  1. Thanks for the quick response! I'm afraid that the results are a bit more drastic than the tilted print photo. It is more like the shifted layers photo (3rd right). See an example of a belt tightener I tried to print below. I will try adding the spacers as suggested and report back. Thanks!
  2. My Ultimaker 1 is becoming misaligned along the x-axis. I have checked the belts by loosening the motors, pushing down and tightening and by adding belt tighteners where required. I have also tightened the pulleys (although they are quite hard to reach!). The abnormality I can see is the small x-axis motor belts appears to be warped and twists slightly compared to the one on the y-axis. I have recorded a video of the difference here ( ). I'm not sure if this is cause of my problem. If it is does anyone know of a solution? If this is shouldn't affect my print does anyone have other suggestions of what the cause might be? Thanks!
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