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  1. So I tightened the screw which seemed to have solved that problem. Now I am getting a ticking from the back. I looked through the troubleshooting guide which said to raise the temp to 260C. I did that but the ticking is still happening. The print seems to be working fine but it keeps ticking which is worrying me.
  2. I am having a lot of difficulty to get any kind of a print from my Ultimaker 2. It seems that some of the issues are around my extruder gear not grabbing the filament at times. Often the filament will simply stop moving through the extruder and I have to manually push it up. When I go to change the material it usually doesn't actually remove it all the way because the gear is not grabbing it. Does anyone else have this issue? Do you know how to fix it? Also, does anyone have some optimized settings for PLA? I am using the Ulimaker PLA. Even my first print of the Ultimaker Robot came out terrible with the default settings. I am trying to slice and print my own files using Cura 14.07 with plenty over/under extrusion issues. The circular photo is an example of that. I could really use your help!
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