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  1. thanks alot i used the settings u used in the other thread and it worked really nicely! guess this thing needs some learning before u can effectively use it
  2. Hello Ultimaker Community & Support Staff! The company i work for has acquired an Ultimaker2 which i assembled & calibrated (according to the manual of course) today. when i ran the test print program of the ultimaker robot (twice), the results were not really pleasing. the hands and the lower part of the belly are very erratic, it seems like the PLA was too hot and sort of flowed downwards when there was no material beneath it to support it. it is mostly the areas in which the outline gets bigger so the newly added PLA has nothing to "rest" upon and is hanging in the air, like the lower part of the belly (where the belly "starts" kind of). this is pretty hard to describe i hope you get what i mean. which kind of defects could lead to this sort of problem? i hope you can help me soon (i will try to upload a picture of the robot)

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