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  1. Just learned this reading through the manual again. I have an ultimaker2 so that explains why I'm not seeing it.
  2. Is the "start/end gcode" tab still in Cura? I'm not seeing it in 14.07
  3. Has anyone had success implementing custom G-Code tweaks based on the list of Ultimaker G and M-codes found at: https://www.ultimaker.com/spree/uploads/70/original/gcodes.txt ? We run our printer in an office setting and I'd like the Ultimaker 2 to shut down automatically after running its prints for the night. It looks like M85 should automatically shut down the printer, but so far I haven't had success. currently the line I'm manually inserting looks like this: M85 S<300> Followed immediately by the M25 code at the end of the file. I'm not even sure if the codes I linked to are correct, so if anyone knows if they are/ aren't that would be helpful. If I'm attempting to go about this automatic shutdown the wrong way I'd also appreciate a nudge in the right direction. Thanks!
  4. I really liked the design philosophy explanations. Learning how to design models specifically for 3D printing is what I'm looking ahead to, now that I've got one on the way. Its always awesome to stand on the shoulders of someone with some experience as you start into your designs.
  5. Yes, Illuminarti is in the process of taking care of it, and he's been awesome.
  6. A bit more packaging directly around the electronics would certainly help. From what I can see it's pretty unprotected in exactly the worst spot. (the only open vertical side, directly in the center, and all interior crush protection is at the corners). It's definitely the shipping carrier's fault, but maybe the reason you see so much of this in the forums is that people are frustrated when they get no response to their support tickets?
  7. The box is a little hard to see, but it does have a crease right up the center of one side.
  8. I received delivery of an Ultimaker 2 earlier this week, but it was damaged in shipment. There is a large dent right where the LCD screen is and the screen is completely dead. I've tried contacting support but haven't heard back yet. Right now the Ultimaker is a paperweight. What can I do?
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