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  1. Hello there, PEM inserts are available everywhere too. Search 'press in nut' and a world of suppliers will occur. In the netherlands Onkenhout is the reseller. Every country is represented by PEM I believe. Succes, Jan P.S. I print a wall thickness of 1 mm and the hole only 0,2mm smaller then the wanted thread. In most cases this is sufficient.
  2. You folks are calling these pictures the Australian mode? I thought I might prepare it already for their sales, already the right side up! :???: I will try to do European projection next time. :oops: Jan
  3. Hi everybody, My first attempt to upload some pictures. Thanks to gr5, else I wouldnt get this far. Conclusion: on an ipad is it a mission impossible to add some pictures. The command line above doesnt pop up somehow. So back on the laptop! Anyway, I hope this link works!! Happy days! Jan
  4. Thanks for the quick response, If my digital caliper is right the diameter varies around 3,05 a 3,06 mm. Is this still sliding through the teflon tube or will it block? Jan
  5. Hi rustyw, I received a present this morning: 3 mm clear pla filament. Is it correct to assume this will not work properly in the printer? Its not worthy to destroy the feeder. If it will cause no problem I will gladly hear that because the guy where I got from has more and is near by for me!
  6. It took me quite a while to get back on this forum. I was busy designing a robot which has been working in the field lately. I printed it on scale 1 to 10. I wish to show the pucture, but no button to find on an ipad.
  7. Hello Ian, if that is the normal procedure, you know what to do: switch every 2 months in career! LOL
  8. Morning everybody, I just finished my coffee. Let me introduce myself shortly, i am Jan, i wanted to have a 3d printer a while ago and started to look around. I ended among other sites also on this topic, called coffee, and the decision was clear. Only had to buy one to play along. It did work almost instantaniously. Only flex material seems to give problems so far. But this corner is not for problems, but for drinks only? A lot of you have holidays I guess? Since I work for myself I always feel to have a kind of freedom. Greetings, Jan
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