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  1. Hi gr5 Side fans seem ok, I can print the same file on my other machines and they print ok I have about 6 sets printing at once on the bed and I still get those hands, it's almost like there's too much filament just before doing the long lines on the large object and it puts to much on to the smaller part
  2. Printer is an Ultimaker 2, new heater and PT100, all new bearings Does anyone know what can cause this problem, sometimes when I print multiple parts together, features from one part seem to affect another part next to it on the build plate, the photo shows a band around one part which appears on each of the same part, it seems to happen at the same height but only on the parts shown (with the band) and seems to be affected by the larger part next to it. I have printed these parts many times before and never used to have this problem, it's the same STL and gcode that I'
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you, the USBO! (the Unidentified Serial Bus Object) Not quite finished yet, but will be very soon...
  4. Still getting the gaps in the layer lines, part of the layer will be fine and then suddenly it will produce gaps in the lines printing at 210c, 30mm/s, 0.1mm Layers, tried upping temp to 225c but still the same Does anyone have any ideas? :(
  5. I've printed at about 210c with PLA from when I first got the printer and it seemed fine, printing at 20 to 30mm/s and 0.1mm layers, it's seemed to get worse over time and as you can see in the photo the lines got quite thin and weird looking near the middle
  6. I had to abort the print to clean the nozzle, it's this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:258969 Was printing at 210c to start with and upped to 260c to try and clear the nozzle but that didn't work, did the atomic method a few times and seems better now but not perfect
  7. Not printed anything for a week or so, decided to try a print today but things didn't look good, and I was having to print at a higher and higher temp, decided to try the atomic method to clean the nozzle, it seems a bit better now but still not great, this photo below shows before I did the atomic method
  8. Bez that looks awsome!! where abouts in the UK are you?
  9. Top and bottom thickness was set at 1.2mm, still also getting that weird effect on the bottom, I'm sure it's related to how the files are exported to stl from sketchup
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