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  1. Just finished the bulk of the printing for a master chief helmet, not sure if i going to paint it as i kind of like the translucent red took about 50 hours.

    Still waiting for a different material to print the visors and inserts

    Master Chief Helmet

    Even unfinished every one who sees it wears it round the house and loves it

    Its glued with super glue and seems to be pretty strong


  2. Just received an ultimaker 2 which i bought off ebay as new for only 1300 pound. i really wanted a 3d printer so jump at the low price. i was just wondering if there is a print, a test or somthing that often goes wrong with ultimakers that i dont no about that plagues ebay printers the printer to make sure i haven't bought a paper weight.

    its in the middle of printing the ultimaker robot at the moment seemed sloppy at first but looks like its coming along.

    Thanks in advance


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