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  1. Yes problem is at fan I realised.. But before last update there were no problem. It was compensating itself. I reduced Fan speed %100 to %30. And now makes no problem. Thanks friends.
  2. Hi friends, When Ultimaker is printing it first sets the true 210 Celcius to temprature. But while printing temprature decreases and at below 200 degre.. 3d print starts to underextrusion because of higher viscosity. Why it happens? It should stay at 210 degree or which degree that I set.. :( At image temperature drops to 195 degree.. and everything fails.. :/
  3. @Nicolinux : yes nearly same problem :/ I changed temrature to 230 degree. And Slowed down to %50 speed (40-50mm/s or less) This is the image from printing. At bottom thing is looks good first layers. But other two thing is finished objects with lots of gaps. They're inner fill is normal. But Up finishing is like that. Side shells have no problem. I think backlash can affect this too?
  4. No I didn't used any plugin. My Cura Settings: Layer Height: 0,2mm Shell Thickness: 0,6mm Print Speed: 80mm Fill Density: %45 Bottom & Top Thickness: 2mm Yes in expert setting solid infill and bottom fill is ok. Also It makes initial layers fully closed. But up layers like that. We bought our machine 1 week ago and using. So machine is new, I don't think about mechanical problem :/ And one photo more: Same problem. :unsure:
  5. Hi Friends, We started using Ultimaker 2. I wanted to print this thing. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:412346 And Up top layer didn't printed as good quality unfortunately. It has lots of gaps. I read something about backlash. But I don't thnk this is problem. Because first layers and inner layers were perfect. Only toplayers have gap problem like that. How can I fix? :/ Thanks
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