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  1. I just cleaned the nozzle so it was all clean inside the chamber and i could see through it. I did a test print with retraction setting: "retraction distance to 4.5mm, and the speed to 25mm/s" and cura settings As you can see there is under extrusion all the way in the print, and after some time there is no flow at all. It feels like the nozzle is getting clogged, but how can it clog for every print!? The feeder is ticking backwards with an interval of 1sec when this happens. Could it be possible the filament snaps in the nozzle from the retractions and are hitting the small edge of the
  2. I turned on retractions again, but with factory settings and it didn't work. I get the same problem with under extrusion, but the filament is not getting flat this time. I think tightening the feeder fixed that problem. Is my printer broken? What should i do?
  3. 15 min left on the print with no retractions, and it looks promising. I'll do a test with standard retraction settings and see if it's the settings i got in http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/4210-getting-started-settings-tips-to-nice-prints/ or my printer that is the problem.
  4. Thanks for your time gr5, i really appreciate it! The filament did not get flat at this print, but I stopped the print immediately this time so i might have saved it. On earlier prints it have kept on running for about 15-30min until i noticed it, and then the filament is ground like the first picture. Yes it always happens after 1 hour, but it also might work for as long as 3 hours without problems if i'm lucky. In the picture below, do you mean it's normal patterns on the filament, or that it's normal that the feeder reversing the filament this far? I did not pull in the filament on this
  5. The problem still occurs. It feels like the feeder is not feeding the nozzle fast enough or get out of sync, because when i pause the print and drag out the bowden tube the filament is 2cm inside of the tube, so it's obviously not reaching the nozzle. But with 1000ma i now was able to pull the filament and make it long enough so i could continue printing, but this is not ideal for long prints. I think this happens when there's a lot of retractions, but i might be wrong. edit: is this normal? This is how it is when i pull it out after things start to fail. It might be normal just making s
  6. Thanks for the quick feedback. Is it the "Current E" i should adjust? That is the only one set to 1250ma. edit: I can easy pull it out on 500ma. Will do a print with 1000ma now.
  7. yes. Is that not normal marks after the feeder?
  8. I have Ultimaker 2. The screw for adjusting the pressure on the filament is as lose as it can get, so i cant put less pressure on the filament. The flat filament you see in the picture above is when things start to go bad after the printer push the filament back and forth the feeder until it's flat and loses grip. This is how it is when printing goes fine.
  9. There are a lot of information on the internet about printers that stop extruding filament, but i tried most of it with no luck, so this is my last hope before i go crazy. So the problem is that the printer stops extruding filament through the nozzle every time i printer for over 1 hour. Every time this happens the filament is ground or very flat by rolling the filament back and forth the material feeder to the point where it stops feeding the machine because it loses grip on the filament or there is a steep curve it's too hard to roll over. I pulled out the bowden tube in the hot end to see
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