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    nou, gooi eens in de groep; welke fabrikant en de kosten?
  2. i can report i have the same issue...
  3. happy to help,. i run a farm of 12 S5 printers.. send me a PM and i'll give you my email.
  4. hi 🙂 i have 8 S5s... send me a message 🙂
  5. and that is your full right 🙂 just like I write what I think.
  6. first of all, there is no rule that says you need to own an S5 to make comments about it, but as you don't own one, other then trying to throw fuel fuel on a fire and trying to cause loads of negative feedback, what's the point of posting all kinds of nastiness on twitter and here that is also incorrect? SandervG is a decent person and replies in a nice why, I for one am not nice. some corrections to your post and your twitter-complaints your post on twitter: and corrections: -yes a buildplate was promised. they tried really hard, it didn't work out. shit happens. Ultimaker offers a glass plate instead of an alu plate and if you need an additional solution Sander is actively reaching out as demonstrated above. -what does this show? that they don't want to release a broken product like many competitors? yes it shows exactly what kind of company this is. a company that only wants to release something if it's good, not if they don't stand behind it. that is exactly what you need if you want to address a pro market. but nice job of trying to spin this super negatively. -this forum is pretty public. at least, I just clicked community and then announcements. i did not have to go through a paywall.. if you would have owned an S5, you would have gotten an e-mail. I got one. If you would have been a reseller, you would have been informed. they updated the site. they updated the marketing material. If Audi doesn';t offer a specific option anymore, they don't take out billboards in every city to tell you that color X is no longer offered? did you expect a singing courier with a song-o-gram to tell you the alu plate is not coming? you don't know what you are talking about but yet you blame Ultimaker for not informing the mighty Neotko. -yes they promised an Alu Buildplate. Yes they now get a glass plate. it doesn't make me laugh when I use it, so I don't know why it would be silly. back to your forum post -they made a promise and couldn't keep it. they are open about it. many companies tell you to take a running jump and offer you nothing. I think UM is handling it nicely. open for discussion, not deleting unhappy responsed, and trying to work out a solution. you are correct, that is not like E3D or Prusa, where they simply turn off promised features, don't deliver on them and then ignore the problem. -why would you even suggest that people should take up legal action? you have no stake in this at all, yet you start making suggestions that people can certainly take up legal action for this. let me tell you, any judge worth their salt will laugh you out of the courtroom. because Ultimaker promised something, tried to the best of their abilities, and when they could not keep their promise, they offered fair compensation. perhaps not monetary wise, but they offered another buildplate in exchange for the one not delivered. how the fuck are you going to sue for that? -your example of the UM2 has 2 sides. first of all, it's a great example of where they wanted to do something, but in the end couldn't get it to work. the UM3 shows why they couldn't get it to work. so yes, you are right. they overpromised and couldn't deliver on it. from the legal action perspective, once again, a swing and a miss. Ultimaker tried to meet their promise, was open about it, if they would get sued they have all the evidence they need to show how they tried and how they did not succeed, they choose to not release a solution that would suck, and have supported many initiatives from people trying on their own, also helping people that wanted compensation for this. that is why they did not get sued, not because it was not aimed at the pro market. enough negativity for today. I'm also unhappy about not getting an alu buildplate, but i'd rather take the glass plate and keep using a wonderful printer, then spewing negativity about something that solves nothing.
  7. dude. let it go. you are treating this like Ultimaker's intention from the get go was to take your money, then take off like a nice cartoon-villain. grow up. you bought a printer. the printer was supposed to have an alu buildplate. Ultimaker tried really hard to get that to work. They could not get it to work. They tried. They really did. so the outcome is not one they liked. nor is it one their customers like. I have 8 Ultimaker S5s. I chip glass plates when printing with engineering materials, and was really hoping for that build plate. do you see me attacking the company? I for one have chosen to put my trust in the company that they will continue to deliver great products. and with every few steps forward, there will be a step back. it's called reality. please explain to me how reaching out to all customers that have registered for the build plate via email, and doing a very public mea culpa on this forum, then offering something in return for the missed out buildplate, is treating your customers very very (note the double very) poorly? how is that taken advantage of customers trust? stop overreacting, count to 10 and think about what has happened. you are fully in your right to be disappointed. if this is a deal breaker for you, i'm sure something can be worked out. and reading back, it seems you now want to send everything backa nd get your money back. looks like Sander even wants to help you with that.. I know many many companies who would have just told you to go take a running jump and even after all the attacks on the company you posted they still want to help you. your post makes me sad.
  8. i know you have already received plenty of answers.. but i do want to comment on some things you said ? first of all; I've been lucky to switch to the Ultimaker S5 at launch, and have been running 8 Ultimaker s5s since the start, so I suppose that's about 3 or 4 months by now.. I run them 24/7 and I run them hard. my success rate has been close to 100 percent.. failures I've had have always been relatable to the weak part of the equation, namely me.. I print mostly PLA, the rest is NGEN, Nylon, PLA+PVA, some exotic materials based on client requests, and the only failures I've had have always been me being hasty, knowing something would fail and then thinking "meh, maybe it'll succeed..". as far as the 3D Hubs rating, I am one of the few hubs running the S5 on 3d hubs: if you look at this article you can filter on the S5 and get test prints done on them: https://www.3dhubs.com/blog/ultimaker-s5-on-3d-hubs/ you are saying you see bad reviews? i don't see them for the S5 on 3D Hubs. on general, the print quality from the S5 either gets 5 stars from my customers, or 1 star if they don't get FDM.. i don't really get middle ground reviews to be honest. My switch has been from the Um3 to the S5 and I can tell you with confidence that that has been one of the best decisions ever made. I use the printers for small scale production run (right now printing 3200 pieces for a UK company) but also for small orders like drone parts in Carbon Fiber. for me, these printers have been true workhorses and the most reliable printers I've ever used.. I've been in the printing game for about 4-5 years now, always running small to medium print farms, and I've never had a better printer then the S5. if you have questions, feel free to ask.. I'm not getting paid here to advertise these printers and if other printers were better, i'd happily tell you so.. go check out my hub at www.korneel.nl then you can see what I've done on just 3d hubs and how happy people have been.. hope that gives you some confidence..
  9. well. My german might not be best, but I think your translation is a bit more harsh then what they said.. how I read it is that if you enable developer mode, you're free to do that. you should however realize that developer mode is the wild west, they will not provide you with in depth documentation and if you change stuff that damages the printer (let's say you crank up the amperage so now your drivers break or you change the parameters of the printer so the stepper motor rams the print head into the sides until it breaks) they can refuse warranty on that. I see no harm in that statement.. furthermore.. if you download the full system image (search the forum here) and you do damage something like that, flash the system image back and no one is any wiser that you ever enabled dev mode.. so i don't see the point of the statement to be honest.. i think it's more of a "we have to tell you this or our lawyers get angry" kind of statement then any real "yeah, you will loose all warranty as soon as you enable dev mode". just be prepared that if you enable dev mode, do weird things that make the software crash, and you have to take the printer in to reinstall the software if you were enable to do it yourself, they might charge you for it.. and i see no problem for that. then again, I don't work for Ultimaker ?
  10. well, based on your reply i am making assumptions. the universities in NL that I worked with over the past 10 years, all required static IP addresses and the MAC address to be registered against the ACL. amongst those are the 5 large ones in NL. we tried deploying IP Phones that could not do static IP addresses and that meant a whole design change request to go through the board. if we could have just had static ip's in those phones that would not have been needed.. i was referring to your earlier statement about how no-one would ever need static ip addreses and how DHCP servers would fix everything and then you make a statement about how the only reason for it would be for IT companies to make money. no-where did it use the sentence "in my opinion" and it is very clearly said by someone who is part of team Ultimaker. that's perception. no-one in the networking field would ever make that statement in my opinion that manually assigning IP addresses is not needed.. but hey ho what do I know.. my apologies for being unclear, I fully understand that both the WIFi and the Network adapter have their own MAC address, what i mean twas that for me as a user, i don't get that address, or as you describe it, get to see the address, unless a cable is connected AND a connection is made. that is mega weird. sounds like a bug that can be fixed. let's not get into this DHCP fixes everything discussion, is plainly not true and i don't feel like typing 3 pages to proof it's not true.
  11. and that's where you're wrong kiddo. the people that get to decide what is crucial and not are the people that give you money. those are your target audience. if enough come back stating they need this, it just became crucial irregardless of your opinion. and if we're throwing in the engineering credentials; CCNA all the way to qualifying for the CCIE exam, you're looking at a properly educated networking engineer. please listen to the people who give you money. they don't care about your opinion what is needed or not. they care about buying a product that meets their expectations. edit: still puzzled with the there is no need statement. using your new knowledge i described above, why is it not needed? there are simply customers that are not allowed to have DHCP scopes for certain segments by their security department..
  12. nonsense. really, this is not your field of expertise. this reply actually annoyed me. let me break it down as simple as i can because your reply really does not show any understanding for the average company. so any decent company is splitting up their networks into networking segments. you've got your DMZ, you've got your wireless, your guest access, usually layered server access and things like that. using firewalls, communication between those segments is controlled and it will help you protect yourself against things like broadcast storms, unauthorized client access etc. this is then usually managed by using separate DHCP scopes (not services) from a centralized and authorized DHCP service with usually 1 or 2 backups. anyway, some segments have from a security point of view a MAC filter so no unauthorized devices will enter, and some companies (like universities) simply run B class public IP ranges where they need tight control over the usage of IP addresses. they can't just run a dhcp scope. so there are millions of super valid reasons for companies to require static IP addresses and use ACL's based on MAC addresses to control access to the network. yes, they actually do record every IP address (which are usually in ranges where there is no DHCP scope configured so that point is moot). and yes when a service is replaced it usually get's the same IP address. no, IT companies don't do this to make money, your view is based on sub 100 computers. your view works great for a home network, and does not work on the enterprise market. happy to have a discussion about this, but this is essentially my daytime job. the way it currently works (you only get a mac address if you have a valid DHCP scope configured for this segment) is a mega weird strategy. i can live with the non-static IP addresses, but this makes me weary of the networking stack on this device if basic functionality does not exist. please @Marco_TvM take these comments seriously. you are dismissing them in a way that shows you have done zero investigation in this area.
  13. could you check which firmware you are running? on my machines with 5.0.19 at least if i go to networking, it shows me the wired MAC. but if you enable networking and it auto disables, that is weird.. also @asb where are you located?
  14. if you have an UM2+ please try the following; use the default CPE profile change the temperature to 245 change the bed temp to 90 your prints should come out beautiful if they are not strong enough, raise the printing temp to 250 or even 255.
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