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  1. Wow, 3d printing has come on a bit since I last logged in a few months ago! Still leading the field foehnstrum i see! Great work
  2. Have you guys seen this: http://e3d-online.com/Titan-Extruder Could be a nice package for easy use with this changer system. Maybe swap for a pancake motor and would be sufficient? What do you think?
  3. Very impressive prints there. Whats the next developments on this project for you foehnsturm? Have ultimaker given you a call yet to discuss a partnership!?
  4. Labern, I disagree there. I've printed ninjaflex with great results. I printed pretty hot ~240, and slow. Also run the filament through an oil soaked sponge to lube it up for the bowden. It's an impressive filament.
  5. Quality is looking great, magnets seem to be holding the head well at those speeds too. Are you still using the same 2 magnet setup?
  6. Its looking great. How much did you pay for the rails. I've found somewhere here in shanghai that sells 20mm rail, circa 700mm, 2 carriages for £25...but not sure if thats a good price. Any more test prints to show? Hows the dual head system coming along?
  7. Im also going to keep an eye on this, once again foehnsturm is leading the innovations! I could event go back to e3d perhaps (seems direct drive 3mm works way better than Bowden 3mm).
  8. wow, quite a difference. This is looking very interesting. As it's not a worm drive design, i'm assuming its a much simpler design in terms of the mechanics of the feeder and the 'custom' work.
  9. That looks interesting. Is that the e3d with the liner all the way to the hot end? How will the print head attach?
  10. The only way it will leak though is if the isolator doesn't seat properly on top of the brass tube, that's what was happening to mine. Due to bad machining. And also causing jamming as the filament was cooling into this groove. China parts were all good for me!
  11. Right, I figured out the jamming problem, and its pretty disappointing. When I built up my hot ends originally, I used cheap Chinese parts. They worked perfectly fine, no problems or wearing out. However, I thought it would be best to replace them all with OEM ultimaker parts for longevity. This is when the problems occurred. After a few hours of frustration and testing/investigation, I found that on a large retraction, filament was forming a ring between the Teflon isolator and the brass heat break in the PEEK. Now, this gap shouldn't have been there. The peek had been incorrectly machined le
  12. So which is the best version to use for dual extruder support, 15.06?
  13. Aaaaah, its a google thing then. Google is blocked in China.
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