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  1. Got my Mark 2 Upgrade (with expansion board) up and running and I'm loving this thing! Had some issues in Cura in the beginning but those cleared up after I found the updated printer def file in another tread on here, is that updated in Github yet? Couple questions: What are the pros and cons of running Marlin vs Ultimaker 2 gcode flavor. I have really gotten used to using the on board printer material temp setting with the Ultimaker 2 is there a reason that the definition files for the Mark 2 uses Marlin instead? I noticed with single material prints that t
  2. The only time I have had a problem trying to find a file to print is if I overwrite a file with the same name. From my experience it seems that the files are sorted by 'Date Created' instead of 'Date Modified'. Ideally it would be listed by Latest to Oldest, by Date Modified.
  3. First - I must say I LOVE this firmware, I have been using it since v15.03. The new menu with preheat is awesome. Not sure if this has been asked before but is it possible to change the order that the files on the SD card are shown so that the latest file is at the top instead of at the bottom? Yes, I know you can go up and it will take you to the bottom of the list but sometimes if I have a lot of files on the card I am using it takes the machine a bit of time to get there.
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