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  1. Ok, now I'm getting numbers closer to what was expected, I needed to change the esteps (down to 279 from 282). Thank you again gr5! To clarify my process for other who made my mistake: Reverse filament completely out of feeder. cut off "chewed" filament. reinsert fresh filament and feed a couple of cm. Measure 100mm and mark on filament. Feed 90mm and measure. perform esteps calculation. edit and save EEPROM section for extruder. repeat process at least one more time to check results.
  2. Hello everyone! I took some initiative at work and adopted the consumer grade printers we have at work (UM2 and REP2, we have a Cube as well...but it mainly collects dust and makes an awesome paper weight). I have been able to improve the quality of the prints coming out of these machines with all the basics, printing improvements (fan redirection pieces and spool holders and whatnot), leveling the bed every so often, finding get best settings for each basic print type, etc. But after running some of my side projects through the printers (for...uh.."testing" purposes, yeah that's the ticket...) I realized both machines could still use improvement through extensive testing and possible calibration measures. I still consider myself very green when it comes to 3d printers as I have not ventured very far outside of the default settings, much like kids cling to the side of the pool. Anyway to the point - I have been trying to calculate our UM2's extruder esteps following some of the tutorials out there and my numbers seems too far off to be remotely correct and knew I needed people more informed to tell me what I am doing wrong. the steps I've taken so far: Printer model: Ultimaker 2 Filament: Ultimaker brand 3mm ABS in white Interface: Pronterface UI by way of CURA 14.07 and RepetierHost Heat Extruder to 240C After Extruder has reached temp feed filament until some has come out of the nozzle Measure and mark ~75mm (from bottom of feeder with calipers) Extrude 30mm of filament *This step I've done different ways*: Using RepetierHost click E10 button 3 times Send gcode commands G92 E-30 followed by G1 E0 in Pronterface Click E 10 button 3 times in Pronterface UI GUI [*]Measure mark again to see if 30mm had been fed through tube [*]I have 3 different results RepetierHost - 18.08mm moved through gcode through Pronterface - 15.13mm Pronterface GUI - 16.32mm I've stopped there only because of the huge difference in numbers and not even close to what i was hoping for Would you please help me figure out what I am doing wrong? Thank you in advance.
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