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  1. Hello Origin I have been working with a UM2 and have had a bit of a problem with the extruder under extruding and stopping. One of the problems was with the filament the client purchased it was 3mm abs and it seems that the UM2 likes 2.85mm filament, add to this the tube to the extruder is just about about 3.1mm and it does a curve, I think this causes the hole size effectively to reduce a bit and then this adds to the friction of the filament, this is also not helped by the teeth marks made by extruder gear (don't get me wrong I like the gear it is well designed). Anyhow it could be worthwhile measuring the filament and also running it through the tube by hand to check how much friction you get, then load a length through the drive assembly to see if this increases the friction. If you get a bigger tube you will have problems extruding as it will have an added slackness to the system. If the filament is the correct size and has low friction you could try modifying the start code to increase the amount of filament that is purged before the job starts (You may need to set Cura to use gcode as I have not found away to do this in UliGCode yet - the purge length seem to be built in) hope this is of help Andrew
  2. Hello Illuminarti & EldRick The niose I am hearing is air turbulence noise not bearing noise. The fan is installed to suck from the back of the printer so the air get pushed forward to the front of the printer passing over the heat sink. Take a look from the front of the extuder and you will note that there is only 2 hole that the air can move through without obstruction. If you place a small bit of paper in front of the extruder and note the air flow then remove the screws and move the fan backwards you will see the improvement in air flow and hear the reduction in noise. The venkel's fan duct looks nice but I am working with the fan at the back of the extruder not the 2 fans at the side I think these fans are for PLA cooling, I tend to work in ABS. The side fans do not run 24/7 like the rear fan. I have put this design up https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ultimaker-2-extruder-fan-mod the two holes on the wings are for the the long screws (that hold the extruder together) and the othe 2 smaller hole are for the fan mounts (I added 2 blind hole so you can dill them out if you can find some extra scews for the fan) this is a quick and dirty design and works well when printed for my old Solidoodle (setup for small part manufature), you may need to change it a bit to print well on your printer maybe change the wall thickness (I have a smaller nozzel of 0.3mm). If you think this maybe the right way to go I will cleanup the design. It was made with sketchup on my laptop while watching the Sydney City to Surf rush it way past my balcony, as I drank coffee and the speakers blasted out "running on empty" to help get the runners up the first hill, it took a number of hours to get the 85,000 runers up that hill and it was the easy hill. Now to work on the filiment jamming in the teflon tube it seem tight after the exruder gear changes the shape of the filiment (little lumps and bumps that the teeth make).
  3. Hi All I have been working on a Ultimaker 2 that had fan issues the small third fan a the back of the extruder was not connected the the mother board ( I can't be sure but I think it got mist in the assembly of the unit as I don't think the user that owns it had ever got it to work properly and they probably would not have had it a part, they just went out and purchased an Up! printer ). Anyhow when support explained the connector was hidden behind the motherboard (not the connector that I could see marked fan) I got the fan to work great. Now I was surprised at the noise the fan made. So I poked about and notice the fan is screwed so the back of the fan is hard up against the heat sink this restricts the air flow and make a lot of turbulence noise. So I designed a small bracket that holds the fan 3mm back from the heat sink this allows better air flow and makes the fan quieter (not silent) this also has the added benefit of cooling the extruder assembly better! It may also help with the 2 extruder mod that I have read about maybe the fan as it is does not cool the assembly as well as it could Now my question to everyone is is the unit I am working on missing something like a spacer or is this just the way it is. If it is just the way it is - I will clean up the spacer design and put it up on the web if any one would like it. Thanks Andrew - Sydney Australia
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