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  1. If you print the same item twice is it exactly the same or slightly off?
  2. Hi, so today i missed a call from FedEx, i then try and call back but its a private number. i then call the Australian number for FedEx to give them the tracking number i got in the email and there like we need a 12 dig number and when i only had the like 24 number one they hung up on me. I then call the american number and they can see it with the number i gave them but told me to call the Australian number as they cant help. so i call the Australian number again, and told the lady that the guy in america just did a general search with the number and it came up, hears how that went. fedex: not a tracking number me: it is i have been tracking it for 5 days now fedex: not a tracking number me: put it in the general search area fedex: nothing coming up me: (cranky) the guy in america found it but couldn't do anything as its to do with Australian taxes. fedex: nope not a number do you have the 12 dig number me: no i don't fedex: you have to or send an email to the supplier for it me: this is the number i was given fedex: OK then whats your address me: insert address fedex: oh found it yeah you have to call this number Monday as they shut 5 mins ago me: hang up me: swearing as i had been trying to sort it out for an hour and the only helpful one was in america and he couldn't do any thing. so i don't know if you guys had the 12 dig number and forgot to send it or what i have now got it, but most of this hassle would have been fixed if i had been sent it. not angry at you guys angry at the dumb people who work at the Australian fedex. btw missed the call as was having lunch with my brother who i hadn't seen in 2 months.
  3. Hi ordered my ultimaker 2 the other day was worried about the payment not going through even though the money was taken, the payment went through but would like to thank Simone from the support area for the quick response to my email about it.
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