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  1. Hey everyone... with my experience in the industry and working with the Magazine (Multirotor Pilot Magazine - multirotorpilotmag.com), I can define two areas where a cool product would be needed. 1) A waterproof machine that can carry a GOPRO 2) A small 250 size FPV machine that is foldable with arms that are spring-loaded. So you can fit it in a backpack and then press a button and all the arms spring out to the flying position. What are your thoughts? Both machines can work with parts from HK -Erick
  2. I would think that we can design a really cool multi-copter for about $150 USD in parts - (motors, esc, flight controller, props)
  3. With regards to cost... my suggestion is that we design it with parts that we can get from HobbyKing.com. They have very inexpensive motors, escs, controllers, etc. And they have warehouses all over the world so It will not matter where you live, we can all have access to the same parts.
  4. Hi Everyone, I am sorry it took me so long to jump on this forum. It has been crazy busy at the magazine and I am finally seeing a break where I can focus on this project. A little about me... I was one of the principals of RCUniverse.com some 15 years ago. Four years ago this month, we sold RCUniverse and I started working at Maplegate Media Group managing RC Heli Pilot magazine. I have since taken over FLY RC magazine and recently, earlier this year, started the World's first magazine on multirotors - Multirotor Pilot (multirotorpilotmag.com or facebook.com/multirotorpilot - Please LIKE US) :-) About a year and a half ago I was introduced to 3D printing and began to come up with 100's if not 1000's of uses for 3D printing within the RC hobby. Earlier this year, I met Sander from Ultimaker at a 3D print show in NYC and I got a Ulitmaker 2 printer, which is totally amazing. We have been talking about ways to incorporate some of my designs for RC parts into the YouMagine and forum. This project is the first that I thought would be fun to collaborate with the community here to come up with a design that we can later publish in the magazine. After reading all of the posts here, two things really stand out as being very interesting... A WATERFROOF QUAD and A CAR/QUAD. I personally do a lot of aerial video and photography professionally and I also love to fly FPV with Mini quads (200-size). but there are a lot of designs out there for these types of machines. We should take a Vote or something as to which direction we want to go in here. Also, there is another need that I found for multirotors that I would love to collaborate a design for - retracts! A retractable landing gear for 550-size and smaller multirotors. I think we can do it with PLA and still have it be strong enough to withstand the weight. Thoughts?? It is great to meet everyone and I look forward to working with you on this project.
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