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  1. I just got a new feeder, the Bondtech V2. It is fantastic at ramming the filament through the hot-end, but there is one little problem. It cannot cope with the high speed feed rate when you choose "change material" it simply stalls as it can't keep up with the speed and resumes as soon as the speed is reduced. Kind of irritating if you want to change material often. So my question; Is there an easy way to reduce this speed? Perhaps in the marlin code? Cheers, David
  2. I'm experimenting with the E3D V6 hotend with the ATC Semitec 104-GT2 thermistor. I hooked it up to temp1 on the Ultimaker2 board and changed to #define TEMP_SENSOR_0 5 in config.h and uploaded, but I don't get proper readings. Do I need to plug in the ATC Semitec 104-GT2 thermistor to an analog pin and reassign the pins as the Ultimainboard uses the INA826 amp on temp 1. Or am I missing something?
  3. Price? My UM2 is working so well that I might need another
  4. I wouldn't mind getting one as well if you decide to make a couple
  5. I would also love a ceramic spacer. If you decide to make some, let me know, I'll definitely buy one
  6. I'm aslo running the MK8 Wheel and Roberts Feeder. I had to sand the back of the feeder to get the yoke to push properly on the wheel. I can also confirm that the filament is being bent in order to contact the MK8 wheel, even with the stepper motor pushed all the way to the left. I would love the holes to be moved 1 to 1.5mm Other than that the feeder works beautifully. I'm printing ABS exclusively and have the screw on the spring cranked almost to the bottom to get it to grip properly. But I've printed a whole spool of 1kg ABS without to much trouble. It would be great though if the hole
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