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  1. Hello all, I am selling my Ultimaker 2 printer that I bought in late August. Is is as good as new, not a single defect / problem. The reason I am selling is because I'm going to work abroad and there is no point keeping it as I don't know how long it will be. 1kg of UM ABS sealed and 2 used rolls of UM PLA included (Gold and Blue). Around 200hrs of printing time. Everything is included as when originally delivered. Price 1350 GBP plus shipping which I can quote for specific cases. I am located in Portugal Feel free to ask any questions. I can arrange to send some pictures. Regards Paulo
  2. Marcelo, Sou de Lisboa e vou emigrar brevemente. A minha UM2 está para venda. Foi comprada no final de Agosto e tem 200 horas de impressão no total, que é muito pouco. Se estiveres interessado, posso vender por 1750 euros. Vale 2350€ em Portugal. Podes vir ver e experimentar, ou mando-te fotos. Tenho 1 rolo novo de ABS preto e 2 rolos de PLA usados (dourado e azul UM). Tenho tudo o que vinha com a impressora. Cumps, Paulo
  3. Thanks guys I think that was the issue.
  4. Hi there, My internet is crap currently so it is impossible to upload the files. However I think I found the problem and is related to the file name. Can't use strange characters or underscores, etc... which is odd. Do you have experience with file name related problems?
  5. I will do so later today. I am not at home now. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi, I am having some issues with my SD Card. Recently, all the GCode files I save on the card cannot be printed. The message on the UM2 (PRINT Menu) screen says "No info available". There is nothing special about the files so it must be some weird issue. Does anyone know whats up?
  7. Can I tune the screws on the back to get appropriate leveling? Maybe I should do a full circle or big square for calibration issues. Thanks!
  8. Hi there, Yes I came to that same conclusion after reading the visual troubleshooting guide. I believe the bed isn't levelled on the back. The UM2 has a large gap and I believe it might be warped. What is the solution? Is there any? Regards, Paulo
  9. Dear Makers, I would like your help understanding why I've had some strange results while printing this object: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:65810 The issues I had were: 1 - some dificulty laying the first layer on the top right / top right side of the bed. This situation was improved as I helped push the filament by hand. I suspect some increased tension from thw bowden on that part of the table - maybe... 2 - 'stringy' print (think is called underextrusion) on the left top side of the bed. Mostly on the first layers. Top layers were fine 3 - some overextrusion I believe on the main
  10. Great discussion. I don't actually have a 3D printer but I believe that models for the general public will always have very fierce competition because there aren't really any barriers to entry and your value added will always be limited. If you can however cater to a specific field / audience that requires other technical experties than you will have that value (Catchim $$$$) added to your work. Hopefully your previous experience / education can relate to 3D printer applications. What I mean is differentiate...and search for areas where 3D printing isn't fully exploited. PS- awaiting my UM2
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