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  1. Ok so my problem is that the vespel spacer didn't sit on the hot end tip and it went up and so it plugged between the vespel and hot tip.. Really a simple issue after all, but I broke the vespel. So I'm back with the original teflon spacer.
  2. Yeah I saw this video, I'll give it a try.. Actually, I had to change the PT100 on my heatbed recently, maybe there's actually a problem with the PCB connections, because the PT100 was reporting temps correctly but sometimes after the print there was the temp sensor error, although the bed was correctly heated..
  3. Yes I did. It feels like there is not enough heat in the plastic. There is no smell now and the plastic is not very fluid... My heat sensor might be bad, although it boils water at 100 celsius.. I have to find a better way to test it...
  4. So it's not going very nicely... I have under extrusion problems, the feeder motor started skipping and I am at 250 celsius with ABS using the vespel spacer + teflon spacer. It looks like I might have to drill the inside diameter a little, or maybe the head is not heating as it should, I am a bit tired of this issue, I hope Ultimaker will find a good solution.
  5. Just wanted to chime in! So my setup finally failed (burnt plastic formed between the hotend and the PTFE coupler) .. So I am now using the vespel spacer between the teflon part and hotend..
  6. I have the same issue. It would be nice to fix this!
  7. Sounds good I'm still on my PTFE red tubing coming from my Thing-O-Matic with no issues here...
  8. I am about to test my vespel as well, my setup is currently failing in retraction.
  9. Why, we all know what happens with the spacer. You should replace it with better material.
  10. Is PC as stiff as PLA or flexible like ABS ?
  11. On my side, I didn't test the vespel yet, my setup is not failing, even in an enclosure.. I'm planning heavy printing soon, so we'll see if I need it! If I don't need it, I will be happy to send the vespel to someone who needs it. Here's something I'm currently designing and will be printed soon (home made bearings, electroformed plastic and hopefully diy hydraulics (I'm trying to polish an ABS copper-electroplated liner that will fit in my cylinders) ) Here's my enclosure setup btw, I will need ventilation for the bottom PCB. (I still don't understand why the red tubing of my MK6 i
  12. A while ago I made this little contraption to clean the air in my room.. It works well enough, the air feels fresher.. It's an ozone purifier I made using a high voltage power supply I got from a neon transformer for PC: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16800888036 I simply made a little board with an ATTINY microcontroller that switches on/off a relay to activate periodically the electrostatic plate.. Works pretty well, but I don't use it because frankly, I don't like electrostatics around my equipment
  13. Oh I misread that post! Ok I'll send you a pm as soon as I get home, thanks a lot!!
  14. Unfortunately, I live in canada, but if you accept that I pay the shipping, I'd be happy to have #1!
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