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  1. Hi Guys, can you send me the link for this test please?
  2. Have you got any pictures of the print? What brand were you using?
  3. Is PVC glue food safe Daid? I've been thinking about how to seal up prints and that seems like the best idea so far!
  4. Have you tried printing it with this type of support? Does it print badly?
  5. Thanks Gr5 a bit like this? (and Hello!!) Ian, from what I have seen it is very much a family! Although I haven't seen many squabbles yet! Wow-ing the MD's of the company is definitely my aim! A nice bit of Irish-english did anyone any harm! (although i did just re-read your post in an Irish accent, quite entertaining!) ChrisR HEY! I promise not to say Balham - the Gateway to the south...ah.....erm....Sorry about that.. One of my favourite drinking holes is is Balham! why the trip to the countryside?
  6. Thanks very much Jameshs! I'm going to avoid using the Flex for as long as i can and iron out the couple of niggly extrusion problems that i am having at the moment! What is the best way to upload images of my prints? (just tried imageshack like the old days of posting in forums, but you have to be a member now?!) Going to open a thread in the troubleshooting area methinks..get some info on what i think is either the feeder skipping and/or under extrusion.
  7. Good day to you all!! First off let me just say what an amazing community that the Ultimaker brand has supporting it! It is thanks to you guys that this humble Design engineer / Draughtsman from sunny South London [Wimbledon] got his grubby little mitts on a UM2! So, Thanks for that Guys! [and Gals] I managed to convince my employers that we needed something in-house to produce prototypes in a short space of time without having to outsource it to big prototyping companies who charge a bomb for mediocre prints! So far 5 work projects have been printed and about 30 lets say...test prints h
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