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  1. One thing that was really helpful for me when learning about how to make threads, was downloading the solidworks files of different bolts from McMaster Carr. Their website has almost every part cadded up in solidworks and you can look at the steps they take to make each part.
  2. Another option you can try is if you need to print really small objects have multiple of them. This will increase the time each layer has to cool and improve the print quality. You could try reducing the temperature slightly as well as detailed in these guides. http://support.3dverkstan.se/article/23-a-visual-ultimaker-troubleshooting-guide http://support.3dverkstan.se/article/30-getting-better-prints One other option is you could try doing an atomic pull and cleaning the hotend/nozzle. If you search on google the first item is a pdf describing this cleaning method.
  3. After many hours of messing around trying to get the ultimaker green to print the test I switched to glow in the dark pla from formfutura and it seems to work leagues better. The quality is more, than night and day difference. I did not expect such huge differences from different filament providers. Anyways I cant wait to start printing at these insane speeds, as i begin to print rocket parts and fin guides. Imagine whole rockets printed out of glow in the dark materials for night launches :-P.
  4. Any advice, i moved the filament underneath on a lazy susan to reduce the friction but I'm still getting under extrusion problems. http://imgur.com/OM5s9EC
  5. Sorry I was using the default print settings for high quality, pink pla from the ultimaker store, at 210 c for the nozzle and 60 for the bed. Mainly the cause seemed to be the extruder housing slipping or grinding on the filament. Here is a picture of the damage http://imgur.com/5nu0IOc
  6. Unfortunately I tried a 40 hour print as sort of a stress test for the ultimaker 2 and it looks like the default extruder started skipping. I cant get it to print for more than 5 minutes without skipping and then I have to reassemble the whole extruder assembly.
  7. This printer is so much better quality than the solidoodle 2. The print quality was ten times better out of the box.
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