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  1. I'm using an ultimaker 2 with a stock machine profile with cura 4.4 freshly installed and freshly updated firmware on the machine. My machine is also massively under extruding. Its like that either cura or the firmware thinks that i have an ultimaker 2+ machine even though I have selected ultimaker 2 in cura as my machine. There are some other strange problems in my setup also including that it is printing every other line for the bottom.
  2. I guess I got both my ultimaker 2s before they removed the second hole from the fan plate, the aluminum block and plastic material feed through shell... It was quite a bit of work adapt the parts from the extruder upgrade kit and mix them with the original parts that were already on the machine...
  3. bastienb I believe I might have already been able to to do what you are saying with tinkerware. I was able to print something with extruder 1 by itself without using extruder 2 then was able to print with extruder 2 without using extruder 1. My issue occured when I tried using both extruders in a single print. If you only need to use one extruder at a time for a print that is achievable with tinkerware without modifying start or end code. The only adjustments that I had to make to print with extruder 1 or extruder 2 were in cura by enabling an extruder and disabling an extruder with a custom F
  4. My print head is slamming into the front left of my machine between printing the first layer of extruder 1 and the skirt of extruder 2.
  5. If there is no retraction the material will continue to heat in the extruder and melt out. If the retraction is too short an amount of material will still heat up and drip out. It seems that reducing the temperature slightly and retracting by an exact amount is necessary to keep the material of the not in use extruder from dripping all over the place. Do you think the red line could be because the material is slowly melting out of the extruder? The strange thing is that the red material seems like a somewhat even extrusion.
  6. I'm still having issues on this subject but so far i've pieced together Extrusion upgrade kit (hardware) Tinkerware (firmware) Use Marlin GCode from Cura Make custom Start and End Code in cura Still trying to get tinkerware to work well with dual extrusion without having head travel issues. It could be start and end code that cura is inserting... Also If you upgrade your cura to 3.4.1 and delete the base printer cura thinks that it is corrupt and if you say yes to the window that pops up it will delete all your custom machine configurations th
  7. There are some tests that I did initially with my UM2 to learn about several important factors of printing to learn how to get things more dimensionally correct. One was by creating a 1cmx1cmx1cm cube then placing an array of 16 or 25 equally spaced cubes in cura on the print bed. This tested several things including: 1.) With current settings how accurate are the cubes individually and how different are they across the entire printing surface. You might note that your bed is slightly un level or that fanning causing different cubes end up slightly different because of fanning near
  8. Yes I now see M103 is not supported by marlin in the chart. Wow what a complication of GCODE!
  9. I now see that reprap is a better source for G code reference than the marlin website and yes M103 is described on reprap as turning all extruders off. Thanks! M103 also causes extruder retraction as a default? M104 T1 S0 would be to set temp of extruder 1 to 0? M104 T2 S0 would be to set temp of extruder 2 to 0?
  10. Hi tinkergnome, I am using Cura 3.4.1 with custom FDM printer with Marlin G Code (I also tried ultimaker 2 gcode with same result). I did not previously check the file but just did by find *X0*, then find *Y0* in notepad. It doesn't appear to have any. The file is also attached here (Block Alignment 4.gcode) and an image of the file. The start and end GCode that was placed in the file was default in cura 3.4.1. It wasn't something that I placed there. Block Alignment 4.gcode
  11. For the M104 S0 ;extruder heater off This turns the last used extruder heater off? Does this also turn the other extruder hotend off?
  12. Hi Nicolinux, Yes I did set GCode to Marlin but have been troubleshooting back and forth between Ultimaker 2 and Marlin. I will set to Marlin for the next test. I will give this a try for priming extruder 1 if I'd like to prime both extruders would I repeat this: G92 E0 G1 F400 E40 G92 E0 G1 F100 E10 Z7.0 F50 G92 E0 G1 X10 Y15 Z0.5 F500 G92 E0 G1 F9000 over again while replacing E0 with E1 (for extruder 2)?
  13. Hi Nicolinux I have previously read through some of the mark 2 posts and had some comments from foehnsturm because originally I thought that mark 2 was what I was looking for for firmware for adding dual extrusion to my ultimaker 2. When I found out that this is for two independent single extruders this was not really what I wanted to try first. I wanted to get two extuders in the same print head going first to see how that behaves and I also had the parts to add two extruders into one print head. This is why I kept searching and came across the Tinker firmware. It seems that all I
  14. The above was tested with cura 3.4.1 and Tinkerware V17.10 and V17.10.1 Marlin and Ultimaker 2 G code flavors, same resulting issue with direction of extruder head colliding with front left of machine after extruding skirt of second extruder.
  15. Cura 3.4.1, configured with custom FDM printer configured for Dual Extruder, Ultimaker 2 (+) loaded with Either Tinker Marlin Dual or Tinker Marlin 2+, neither work when exporting Ultimaker 2 G code or marlin G code from Cura. The common symptom to all the configurations cross-tested is that the extruder print head returns to front left corner and jams itself into the wall inbetween printing the first layer from extruder 1 and the Skirt from extruder 2. The Cura 3.4.1 software has a common setting for skirt from Extruder 1 and Extruder 2 so initially i surprised me when extruder 2
  16. Did you get an enclosure with your S5 to seal it off from the variations in temperature and humidity from the environment? I've found that a lot of my printing issues were initially from changes in temperature and heating and cooling fanning in the office space. The settings for materials in cura seem to work best in only ideal conditions with ideal materials. It is better to go by what temperature range is written on the material rather than by the cura setting for the material. Different PLA for example may behave slightly different because they came from different manufacturers or because t
  17. This is still an open question. It takes quite some time to manually feed prime two extruders while waiting for them each to heat up.
  18. The issue that I now have is that in between using different extruders the printer moves towards the front left to the wall. I have to try the other version of the firmware "2"+ instead of "dual".
  19. Yes that is correct however I am having issues using both extruders in a print. There are two versions of the firmware and I still have to try the other one.
  20. I came across some problems with the configuration that I am using perhaps there is a solution perhaps there isn't. Summary: I started with an Ultimaker 2, and upgraded the extruder with the extruder upgrade kit and instead of throwing out the old extruder I moved it over to extruder 2. With tinkerware I was able to get both extruders working individually and was able to make good prints after changing the feedrate and inverting the axis to be correct. I then tried to make a gcode file print with both extruders and got through the cura difficulties with merging the file and ma
  21. Hi All, I believe I have stumbled upon something new to me that I have not yet encountered. I remember all the way back to when the ultimaker 2 was first released. The start and end code in cura did not pull the material out of the extruder after completing a print and fed the extruder tip a larger amount of material when starting. I have recently upgraded the feeder to the Ultimaker 2+ extruder and adjusted the feedrate accordingly (it prints excellently). Now the issue that I am having is that everytime I do a print I have to manually prime the extruder by moving the material in
  22. Thanks for the help. I ended up going with tinkerware and adjusting the feedrate and direction in the firmware. It is working as expected. If I had simply adjusted the direction with the wires on the motor there would have still been a feedrate issue.
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